Cambridge Memorial Drive Contemporary Modern Leicht Kitchen


Making a smaller space as useful as possible requires a creative approach. When the owner of this Memorial Drive condo in Cambridge called upon Divine to update and renovate this home, the design team wanted to create a space that was not only visually appealing, but one that made best use of the available space. To do this, the team started from square one, gutting the interior back to the walls, replacing the outdated plaster and insulation for a new start. With that fresh canvas, Divine was able to completely modernize the home and make every square foot count.   


Previous to the renovation, the sitting area had been closed off from the kitchen with a wall. Opening the two spaces allowed the Divine team to create a thoughtful layout that served three needs: meal prep, entertainment, and study. An L-shaped countertop housed everything needed to create great meals in the kitchen, while a peninsula created seating area for meals and more.

Housing the built-in study within the kitchen made excellent use of a space that might have otherwise gone underused. The comfortable, light-filled study area was incorporated into far side of the peninsula, with desk space and open shelving for a small library and display. The grey open shelves delineate the built-in study from the rest of the kitchen area, and allow someone to comfortably work even while kitchen prep or meals are underway.


Glossy Leicht cabinets in two tones were selected to give the space a cool, modern feel, while reflecting all the available light from the bank of windows along the wall. The grey upper cabinets and open shelving are nicely complemented by other grey accents in the space, such as the bar seating, accessories, and living room textiles. White lower cabinetry and walls provide an airy, clean feeling. To anchor the modern European design, a dark chocolate stain was selected for the hardwood floors.