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Your Boston Design+Build Team.  Integrated in-house team of Architects, Designers and Professional Builders.

Co Founders Mariette + Magued Barsoum

Co Founders Mariette + Magued Barsoum

A Different Approach to Home Renovation

Divine Design+Build, formerly Divine Kitchens, is Boston’s premier design+build firm specializing in kitchens, baths, additions and whole house remodeling.We are an integrated team of in-house architects, designers and professional builders.  Under the ownership and direction of Mariette Barsoum, CKD, Divine has earned the reputation for outstanding interior design, full service construction and uncompromising customer service. We have received numerous awards and our projects have been featured in books, magazines, and newspapers as far south as Florida. We can help you create the space of your dreams from the initial sketches to the finishing touches. We purchase only the finest products and combine them with the skills and talents of a professional design team to create a truly unique space that blends seamlessly with the architectural style of your home, while being functional and beautiful for years to come.

Design+Build = Savings

A design+build firm is a full-service company that provides you with a turn-key process. We offer creative interior design services, and we provide the construction services for all building and installation work. We will design and then build your project – from beginning to end – saving you time, money, and stress.

Our lead carpenters are our full-time employees, not subcontractors. They are never over-extended, and have your project as their single focus.

Homeowners who want accountability and continuity benefit greatly from this combination of services.  You will never wonder who is responsible for any aspect of your project. You will never be required to find a part or service for yourself. Throughout the entire process you will be working with a single-point-of-contact to oversee the entire process, from design to finalized construction.

The Design+Build system is a newer concept for homeowners. Often, they think that the familiar “design+BID” process (working with a designer to produce a design, then bidding it out to various contractors) will produce the lowest cost/best value. This is rarely the case since the design team is divorced from the build team.  Bids come in 50 to 80% higher than anticipated. To reduce the cost, you go through multiple design iterations to scale back the project, each at cost to you. In the building stage, miscommunications, changes to the scope of work, and a host of independent contractors each with their own schedule, add costs and valuable time to your project. Our experience tells us that customers using a traditional design followed by bid process almost always pay more, about 14-18% more. Using Divine’s design+build process, we provide a fair, firm, fixed price for your entire project, no ifs or buts; no “misunderstandings” and no “low balling.” Another key advantage of Design+Build is the ability for you to make tradeoffs before the project starts. As the customer, you are always in control of the budget.

Better still? Design+build means you are provided with the up-front, fixed cost of your renovation. There are no “estimates” at Divine – your “Proposal” is what the final cost of your renovation will be.  No surprises!


A Divine Team

Your home renovation is a collaborative effort: your vision, combined with our architecture, interior design, engineering and construction team. And since we’ll be spending time in your home, we should start by getting to know each other. We’re pleased to introduce you to some of the people you’ll be working with during your renovation.


Mariette Barsoum

Co-Founder, Owner, and Principal Designer

Together with her husband, Magued Barsoum, Mariette founded the company in 2004 at the urging of impressed clients. An Interior Designer and Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), as designated by the National Kitchen & Bathroom Association, she had built a reputation over the years of putting her customers’ needs at the heart of innovative design.

Mariette’s sought-after designs are extensions of her clients’ taste and draw from the aesthetic of their existing home. “At the end of the day our Personal Cost Analysis is really why our clients choose Divine. We create several beautiful, functional designs that allow our homeowners to hand-select the options that they desire from each design, at the price they prefer,” explains Mariette. “We’re here to help guide the process and be inspired by our clients’ vision.”


Magued Barsoum

Co-Founder and Owner

Magued and his wife, Principal Designer Mariette Barsoum, founded Divine Design+Build in 2004 on the idea that the combined “design and then build” process is a better way to undertake a home renovation because it saves clients’ time, stress and money.

Previously a senior-level executive for engineering firms, Magued, a Harvard University graduate, could see that the key to renovation success lies in superior project management. By combining a group of seasoned design and construction professionals into a single cohesive team, he created a turnkey solution for homeowners looking to reduce their financial risk, while simultaneously achieving a more functional, attractive home. Magued rounds out his experience with a General Contractor’s license, which allows him to oversee his construction crews with a trained eye.

Magued holds a Bachelor’s and Master of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Master of Arts from Brandeis University and has earned credit towards his Ph.D. from Caltech.


Amany Hanna

Senior Designer

Exceptional customer service leads to exceptional home renovations and that service is what makes Amany Hanna an outstanding designer. Originally hailing from Egypt, Amany combines her years of experience in the United States with an international flair that often puts her a cut above designers at other firms. Ask her what she enjoys about her job and she’ll tell you, “I love that the design+build process allows me to see a project through to completion. Overseeing every detail of my clients’ renovation makes each day new and exciting.”

Amany holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design From Mount Ida College.



Tim L., George B., Tim S., Kevin M., Steve E.

Construction Professionals

We know how important it is to our clients that their renovation is completed quickly and with the highest attention to quality. At the heart of our business is a hardworking crew of highly-experienced construction professionals including Lead Carpenters Tim L., George B., Tim S., Steve E. and Kevin M. Unique to our competitors, this team is employed and dedicated only to Divine Design Build, and, in turn, we only assign them to one project at a time, from start to completion.