Dog Feeding Stations for the Kitchen

November 23rd, 2016 | Kitchens

There’s one dilemma almost all dog owners share: Where to put the pet bowls. It seems like there’s almost never a spot that’s easy for your pet to access, yet safe from the hands of small children and clumsy feet. Not surprisingly, creating custom, built-in dog feeding stations is becoming an increasingly common ask from our kitchen remodeling clients. If they’re going to be redesigning the space, they want the space to be practical for the entire family, dogs included.

If you’re considering building a dog-feeding station in your home, here are two of the solutions we’ve come up with recently.

This first space incorporates the pet-feeding station as an extension of the kitchen island, and allows for the homeowners’ two dogs to eat side by side during meal times and have access to a covered water bowl all day long. The top of the station is also a practical addition to the space since it can be used as a serving area for the adjacent breakfast nook, or a convenient place for a bulky gadget like a stand mixer or crock pot while cooking.

dog feeding station

dog feeding station kitchen island

The second option was recently installed in the cozy family home below, in which the bowls were tucked into a cabinet. Hiding the pet bowls in an open-front cabinet  keeps them out of the way yet still accessible to the pet throughout the day (as you can see in the first photo!).

dog feeding station


We’ve also seen creative solutions that include hiding pet bowls in pull-out drawers, or prefab pet stations that can be purchased online and set up in an existing space, too.

What are your thoughts on this emerging trend?

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