Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinetry Styles

Whether you're renovating your kitchen or building a new home and starting your kitchen design from scratch, one of the most important design choices you'll make is your cabinet design. With so many different styles and materials used in kitchens today, all of the choices may seem overwhelming. To make your decision a little bit easier we've created a guide to help you differentiate between the different styles and materials, so that you can be sure your choice fits in with the design style you’re going for:Up first, cabinetry style:

  1. Raised Panel This look, categorized by a raised door plane, which floats in the center of the frame, creates depth and character to an otherwise flat design. This traditional option is perfect to create a sense of dimension to a small space.

    Recessed panel cabinetry

  2. Recessed Panel The opposite of the raised panel design, recessed panel cabinetry allows a more minimalist, contemporary look compared to the detailed design of the raised panel.
  3. Flat Panel Just like the name suggests a flat panel cabinet is a flat, yet simple design void of any extra detailing. The sleek style makes it great for any modern kitchens.
  4. Arched In contrast to many of the flat paneling we’ve seen, arched cabinets add an air of character to any contemporary kitchen. The arched look gives a simple room an antique feel.

    A mix of glass front and recessed cabinetry

  5. Glass Front Many homeowners choose to make the cabinets their kitchen’s centerpiece with glass inserts. These shining cabinets can be used to showcase favorite pieces and their clear appearance will lighten up the room by offering up contrast against the metal appliances and wooden tables that are staples in any kitchen.
  6. Shaker The Shaker style cabinet is the most commonly used style in kitchens today. Its simple and functional aesthetic makes it a perfect addition to any traditional or contemporary kitchen. This style is notable for its five-piece flat panel style that has a frame made from four Aand a single flat center panel as the fifth piece.

    European style cabinetry

  7. Frameless or European Frameless cabinets are a European way of cabinet design that is popular for anyone looking for simple, contemporary cabinets. This design offers more space and accessibility, as the doors and drawers are mounted directly to the inside of the cabinet and hinges are usually hidden behind the closed doors.
  8. Louvered Distinguishable by their heavy horizontal wooden slates that have a shutter-style appearance, this style lends a very distinct architectural style to your kitchen that will be sure to make a lasting impression on any country-style kitchen.
  9. Beadboard This style is named after its similarities to traditional beadboard paneling. If you’re drawn to a cottage chic style of architecture, then this style will be the perfect addition to your kitchen décor.

Materials When it comes to cabinets, choosing the materials you plan on using is integral to the design process. Whether you’re planning on using a pine, white oak, or sticking to a traditional cherry wood, here are a few of the most popular material options.

Hardwood cabinetry in a mix of espresso stain and white paint.

  1. Laminate Perfect for any modern kitchens, this sleek design is known for its durability and easiness to clean.
  2. White oak This classic and timeless cabinet material is known for its golden tones and subtle grain texture. The style originated from the Arts and Crafts movement, making it a great option for contemporary kitchens.
  3. Red Oak Just like its white oak counterpart, this material is known for its strength and durability. Red oak is rich in color and grains, giving a sophisticated feel to your space.
  4. Pine This prominent material offers a softer and lighter alternative to many of the darker cabinetry types out there.
  5. Cherry Cherry cabinetry is known to give an elegant and formal appeal to any kitchen space. This smooth, red wood darkens with age and is often used to give a kitchen a contemporary feel.