A Quick Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

Whether you're taking a DIY approach to your kitchen remodel or you've hired a kitchen designer to take the reigns, there are a number of fundamental decisions you'll have to make when it comes to creating a workable space. One of the most basic, yet most important choices you'll make revolves around your kitchen cabinet dimensions.

Standard Cabinet Dimensions

If you plan to stick with standard stock cabinetry, you'll have a more finite selection of dimensions to choose from, since regardless of  brand or manufacturer, most cabinets follow an industry-standard for sizing.

divine kitchens - cabinet dimensions
divine kitchens - cabinet dimensions

Base cabinets

Stock base cabinets are most commonly offered in 24" depths. They're designed to fit standard countertops of similar depths. Standard base cabinets are typically 34.5" high, a measurement also set to accommodate stock countertops, which are most often 1.5" thick. Regardless of whether you choose custom or stock lower cabinets, width almost always stops at 24", otherwise the back of the cabinet becomes inaccessible.

Upper cabinets

Industry standard for upper cabinetry is 12" deep, which allows for access to countertops. While standard height is  36", most stock cabinetry options are also offered in 30" and 42" as well, to accommodate higher ceilings. Twelve-inch or 15"-tall cabinetry is also the norm for cabinets above refrigerators, sinks, and stovetops.

Cape Cod Kitchen 14
Cape Cod Kitchen 14


Since kitchens come in all lengths and shapes, even stock cabinets are offered in a large range of widths. Options for width of your cabinets will usually start at 6" and increase by 3" or 6", up to 48". Anything under 12" is typically considered a filler cabinet, designed to eliminate gaps in the cabinetry layout.

Custom Cabinet Dimensions

Custom kitchen cabinets come with a lot more size options because, well, they are custom to your needs. Choosing the dimensions that work for your space and lifestyle is one of the biggest benefits to purchasing a custom kitchen. Among the potential modifications that can be made to accommodate your space:

Bigger upper cabinets

These days, standard 12" deep cabinets are often not large enough to hold things like dinner plates or decorative chargers, so one of the main reasons homeowners opt for custom cabinets is to better suit modern dinnerware. For large families or eager hostesses, deeper cabinets are also practical to hold extra sets of dishware, serving pieces, or pantry items.

divine design build boston area kitchen renovation
divine design build boston area kitchen renovation

Custom-height cabinets

The hallmark of custom cabinets is the ability to make them flush with the ceiling. Eliminating the gap between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling creates a seamless, high-end look that's hard to achieve with stock versions.

Organized kitchen drawers leicht
Organized kitchen drawers leicht

Custom-width cabinets

While filler cabinets can sometimes be useful for items like spices and kitchen utensils, the reality is they're most often used as their name suggests: simply to fill space, aesthetically. Custom-width cabinets eliminate the need for fillers because they can be made in any width necessary.

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