Mudrooms Are For All Seasons

Hello Spring, and with all the melting snow, hello mud! Mudrooms are a space to hang up our coats, stow away our keys and bags and most importantly a place to take off our muddy shoes. As the seasons change what you may find in a mudroom may change. During the winter months, the mudroom can be set up with coat hooks for each family member and even a spare for a guest’s coat, cubbies for winter hats, mittens and gloves, and an area for wet, snowy shoes and boots. In the spring, there could be rain coats and boots in the mudroom, along with the shoes used for the garden and the kid’s bike helmets. As the summer arrives, the coat rack can now be a place to hang towels and the cubbies that held mittens and gloves are now great spaces for sunscreen and baseball hats. As the fall approaches, the mudroom is a place to hang school bags and work totes. Many items will have year round homes in a mudroom, like sports equipment, reusable shopping totes, the leash for the dog, and even the recycling. When designing a mudroom, think about how you will use the space; pick items that fit your lifestyle and your family. Many people have multiple hooks for each person so that they have a space for a coat and a bag. Cabinets and cubbies are great for stashing items, cubbies closer to the floor can be for shoes and ones on an open shelf can be used for small items like keys and sunglasses.


The use of baskets and totes can add color the room and can be personalized for different members of the family. The floor of the mudroom should be durable and easy to clean, like tile and the addition of a scatter rug or a boot tray add a space to place wet shoes. By having a bench in a mudroom, you gain a place to sit while putting on or taking off shoes. If the bench opens, it can be used for storage of extra mittens, gloves, outside toys and other items.

Mudrooms are often the entry and exit into our homes and should be a place that keeps our coats, hats, and keys organized and ready for us. And also separates what’s outside from what’s in. A mudroom can be a great addition to your home, let us help you design yours!

KitchensRose Myers