Lighting Options for the Bathroom

Lighting is one of the most critical elements in bathroom design. Not only does it allow the space to function properly by illuminating mirrors, showers, and tubs, but the right lighting plan also lets the bathroom transition into a place of relaxation. Looking for the best lighting options for the bathroom? We've put together a list of necessary lighting elements for a perfectly illuminated bathroom space. Most-liked bathroom ideas

  1. Vanity lighting. A well-lit vanity, sink, and mirror are essential to any bathroom, and a vanity light fixture is the ideal task lighting for this bathroom command center. Vanity lighting is typically installed directly above the mirror, and comes in a virtually limitless number of style options. You'll also find a ton of sizes, ranging from two-bulb lights, to 10 lights or more. When it comes to your vanity, the brighter, the better, so be sure your lighting spans the entire length of your vanity for the best results.
  2. Ceiling lighting. Ambient light coming from the ceiling is another must-have in the bathroom. In a small space, a single ceiling fixture may be all you need. In a larger bathroom, however, you might want to consider can or recessed lights, which can brighten up each functional area of the bathroom, like the shower and tub.
  3. Sconces and accent lighting. Decorative lighting also has a place in the bathroom. For example, sub in sconces in lieu of overhead vanity lighting on either side of a small mirror; choose a chandelier or pendant light to create a design focal point in the room, or use a light to put the focus on a unique feature in the bathroom, like a fireplace, piece of art, or wallpapered accent wall.

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