Items That Make For A Good First Floor Remodel

The first floor of your home holds a lot of firsts; your first step into the door, the first light you turn on, the first glimpse into your home by a guest & the first place you drop your keys and bag after a long day. As many of these firsts go by every day, you may find yourself ready for change and ready to switch things up--we've rounded up some of the most effective & easiest ways to redesign your first floor space. Take a peak and let us know what changes you can envision happening in your home!

Adjust the Focal Point & Prompt Dialog

Hone in what you want the focal point for each of your main rooms to be; is it a beautiful fireplace? A flat screen TV? Or perhaps it's a window that brings light & the outdoors in--whatever merits focus in your home, determine how you want to showcase the focal point & tie all furniture to that point. Shifting the focus of a room can completely change the feel and flow.

The first floor of your home holds most of the rooms that are meant for socializing. When remodeling your home, find ways to incorporate more seating, and ensuring the set up in your living room promotes dialog between family and friends. Perhaps a new bench that can act as a perch for visiting & reading a book is a great addition to your first floor!

First Floor

Add a Bathroom

A great way to add value to your home both for your family and for selling potential is adding a bathroom or powder room. If your charming home has only one full bathroom, this is a wonderful addition to your first floor & nice way to use valuable square footage--it will create a go to bathroom for guests and you'll love having the extra bathroom for a busy family.

When installing a new bathroom, consider location & size. You'll save a ton of time by installing the new bathroom by an already existing plumbing line. Make sure you pull permits if necessary in your area & work with your architect on best practices for location, size & layout.

First Floor

Remodel your Entryway

Giving your entry way into your home is a great way to facelift your home & also a great place to start if the feeling of overhauling your first floor is daunting. You can start by analyzing the various functionality points you want out of your entryway. If it's a small space, perhaps adding in shelving and storage is best; if you can play with the lighting adding a fun chandelier might be just the ticket for sprucing up the space.

Adding a rug, new paint, additional or new windows,  or opening up the space all together by knocking out a wall or two can also work towards  meeting the needs of your family for the first space you might walk into.

First Floor

The Beauty of New Flooring

The flooring of your home is an opportunity for change, update & design. Flooring on your first floor doesn't have to be uniform, and can vary from space to space. You could have parquet floors in your dining room, reclaimed wood in your living room & kitchen & tile in your mudroom.

Reclaimed Wood

A trend worth noting, reclaimed wood is a great option & with more and more flooring companies offering new factory-finished hardwood flooring with the charm of reclaimed wood, you won't have to salvage through old lumber to get it. If full remodeling isn't in your timeframe or budget, adding new wood floors can change the look and feel of a room in an instant.

Bamboo Flooring 

Bamboo has been used for flooring for quite some time; variations in color and style are now available that we love. Bamboo flooring is best in rooms that have the least moisture, so it's a great chance to use it in your living room or dining room. Wide-plank styles are available that can give the look of a classic hardwood floor, and new products are available that are even harder than ever before.

Painted Flooring

If you're looking for a really unique take on a floor---look to a paintbrush! Painted floors are an amazing way to make updates on a dime & add your personal touch. Pattern, solid color, stripes or chevron, this might be a nice way to update your laundry or mudroom. There are floor specific paints on the market & with a little DIY (or hired) work you'll be on your way!

What looks & updates are you looking forward to make in your home? A little change can go a long way!

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