How Long Does it Take to Build a New Kitchen?

A kitchen remodel is a great way to add value to your home & most importantly, offer your family a personalized & new design that will meet all of your unique needs.

There are many parts involved in a kitchen remodel & each one should be considered carefully to provide the best experience for you and your family during the remodel. The project will affect almost every part of your daily life for a few months, but will be well worth it after you see & interact with the finished product.

Planning for Success

The time of year, your family's schedule & special occasions should be carefully thought out to help you cope with the few months of the remodel. If you entertain for holidays, have an upcoming graduation party or have a busy summer, make sure to take these factors into consideration when planning---and always give yourself a few months of wiggle room before a big event to ensure it's ready.

Also take into consideration options for meeting your cooking & eating needs--are you able to use a grill for the majority of your cooking in the summer months? Will you be ordering more food or eating out with your family? Will a small set-up of a microwave & toaster-oven suffice while your kitchen is being worked on? Make sure to talk to your family & see how you will address all of these set-backs during the remodel process--and you'll leave less room for discomfort & questions.

Timeline & Milestones


The first step before you have a single wall torn down is doing some pre-planning so you know what you want going into the re-build. This could take years, months or weeks, depending on how large-scale your kitchen remodel is. There are numerous resources for the pre-planning process, including your design firm, books, magazines, credible websites & more. Timeline: At your own pace

Initial Design Process

Creating an open line of communication with your design firm is key to the success of your kitchen re-build. We are hear to answer questions, ease concerns and work to make sure all of your kitchen dreams are met. This is a great opportunity to bring up storage, organization, appliance, tile work and specific design elements you want incorporated into your new kitchen build. Timeline: 1-4 weeks

Ordering Kitchen Products 

Product takes time to pick out, coordinate, and most importantly receive. Work closely with your kitchen remodeling team to ensure that all products are ordered in a timely manner & timelines include the delivery dates of the product.

Many products that you purchase may require special order that can tack on time to the timeline. It is advised you wait for all of your products to arrive before starting the product, but sometimes this cannot happen. When you receive your product, make sure to inspect all the product to ensure it is all in pristine condition for installation. Timeline: 1-2 months 

Kitchen Build

Remodel Timeline

Demolition & Structural Changes: The more your remodel involves moving walls, windows & the structural layout, the longer this portion of the build will take. Make sure to discuss this with your kitchen remodel team so you are both on the same page for timelines, as this portion can vary in timeline greatly. Timeline: a few days to a couple months

Utilities: Plumbing, Electrical & Gas: This is a great opportunity to move around your appliances like your stove & refrigerator.  Various contractors will be involved to get this portion of the project done & will all be coordinated by your kitchen firm. Timeline: under 2 weeks 

Install Timeline

Painting the ceilings, trim & walls goes much quicker if you can paint before cabinetry. On average it takes only a few days. Flooring and cabinetry installation is dependent on the type you have selected & the size of your space. This process usually takes about a week or less.

Countertop measurement, production and installation depends on the availability of the countertop vendor and timeline in regards to the rest of the project. From start to finish, countertops can take about a month to have them made and delivered.

Appliances take a few days to install and include all built-ins, your sink(s), and all major appliances. The final touches, including the back-splash, lighting & detailed carpentry can take about a week to install over the course of the project. This will include ceiling lights, floor trim, hardware and and last minute touches. Timeline for all installations: about 2 weeks or less

Overall, a kitchen build can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months, depending on your overall end goal and path to get there. Have fun and stay open to shifting timelines!

Kitchen Build