Coffee Stations

Grabbing a coffee has become a huge habit for many of us. We stop on our way to work, before going the grocery store, after the kid’s soccer game and just to meet up with a friend. The downside is these fancy coffee drinks can add up and before we know it we are spending $100 a month on them. Many homeowners are opting to install coffee stations in their kitchens when they remodel. Coffee Post Photo 1

Coffee Post Photo 2

Many people choose the Miele built in coffee machine. We even have one in our showroom at Divine Design and Build ( and it is easy to use, clean, and makes a great cup of coffee. Another wonderful feature of this coffee system is that there are not individual pods of coffee; you fill the machine with the whole beans of your choice and they are ground on demand. Due to this, there is less to store, less packaging to dispose of and you are guaranteed a fresh cup of coffee. The coffee stations can make many of the popular coffee house drinks, such as espresso, cappuccino, latte, and macchiato. The coffee stations are built right into your cabinets allowing one less appliance on your counter top.   Another feature of the coffee stations is the on demand hot water, you can easily make a cup a tea, hot chocolate or get the water you need for your morning instant oatmeal. Here are some great examples of coffee stations installed in area homes. Wait until your family and friends hear that you can make great coffee at home for them! Feel free to contact us about our extensive design and build services.