Before and After: A Boston Kitchen Renovation

Most of the time, the number one priority for city dwellers when renovating a kitchen is maximizing the functionality and efficiency of a small space. While that was certainly a factor for the redesign of the kitchen we're about to show you, the homeowner also had a competing priority at the top of the list: original, modern, one-of-a-kind style. The client had envisioned a space that matched the hip vibe of the Bay Village neighborhood in Boston where they resided, and one that had personality that the simple, neutral space they has couldn't deliver. The end result was unlike anything we've done before, and the client was thrilled with their new space. Before we reveal shots of the finished kitchen renovation, let's first take a look at the original space the client was working with.

Boston kitchen renovation before 4

The major stylistic issues the homeowner had with the space were the dated, builder's spec cabinetry and the lack of eye-catching design elements.

boston kitchen renovation before 2

The client also wanted an improved layout which would open up the cramped corner between the oven and the refrigerator and create a brighter, more open feel.

boston kitchen renovation before 3

To achieve maximum efficiency and a more streamlined look, the entire existing kitchen was knocked out and the room was redesigned from scratch. Appliances were all placed on the single long wall to leave room for open counter space in the rest of the kitchen. A tower of built-in shelving was also added to the same wall to add extra storage for appliances, cookbooks, and utensils. To achieve a brighter look that also felt unique, cabinetry was installed in two tones. A wood grain was used for the bottom set of cabinetry and the wall where the appliances are housed, but upper cabinetry was done in a glossy white lacquer. The extra dose of style that took the space over the top? A graphic, industrial-inspired wallpaper that covered the backsplash areas in the space.

boston kitchen renovation after 2 boston kitchen renovation after 3 boston modern kitchen renovation 2 Boston modern kitchen renovation

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