9 Ideas for a Luxurious Master Bathroom

Though the bathroom has typically been considered a functional space in the home, more and more often it's being reimagined as a place to unwind and rejuvenate with the addition of luxuries and extras usually reserved for the spa. If you’re in the midst of contemplating a master bathroom remodel, create a zen-like retreat by incorporating the indulgent details below. master bath soaking tub

1. A soaking tub An essential element of any master bathroom, a soaking tub should be a focal point of your bathroom redesign. Typically freestanding, these tubs have a deeper basin than standard versions, allowing for full immersion under the water and a more relaxing experience. Tip: Consider positioning it in front of a large window so you can soak ... while soaking in the view.

2. A rainfall shower Elevate an everyday routine into a rejuvenating ritual by having a rainfall showerhead--which offers a slower-flowing, more relaxing water stream--installed on the ceiling of your shower.

3. A towel-warming rack On chilly days, there will be nothing better than stepping out of the shower and straight into a toasty towel or bathrobe awaiting you on your warming rack.

master bathroom vanity station

4. A beauty station Have some extra space? Create a beauty station with a mirror, vanity, and stool, where you can neatly store and apply makeup and hair products.

5. Heated floors If you install tile flooring in your master bathroom, consider laying down warming coils first. Even in the summer months, tile floors can be unpleasantly cold, and in the winter, heated floors can actually help warm up the entire room.

6. A glass shower door A clear glass shower door is not only the au-courant option of choice, it lets in far more natural light than a shower curtain or frosted-glass version, offering a natural pick-me-up in the morning.

master bathroom fireplace

7. A fireplace The ultimate luxury, a built in fireplace creates a calm, inviting atmosphere, and the perfect way to unwind in the evening after a long day.

8. Double vanities Why fight your spouse for room at the sink? One of the ultimate master bathroom luxuries: personal space.

9. Lots of storage Clear your mind by keeping clutter at bay. Add a closet with built-in storage solutions like shallow drawers and adjustable shelving to easily keep the bathroom neat and organized.