8 Tried-and-True Kitchen Organizing Tips

If your New Year's resolution involved getting your home in order, there's no better spot to start than the kitchen. Whether it’s cleaning out items that you don’t use anymore or sorting your pots and pans to better utilize your space, we’ve got eight easy kitchen organizing tips that will get your space in tiptop shape. 1. Declutter

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The New Year is the perfect time to take an annual inventory of all of your utensils, cookware, and dishes. Toss items that are damaged, duplicates, or things you don’t need anymore to make space for your most used items.

2. Save time by storing things where you use them.

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When organizing your space, take the time to store items next to the space you use them. Utilizing the cupboards above your dishwasher to store dishes, plates, and flatware will make cleaning out the dishwasher a breeze. In addition, easy fixes like storing your coffee, mugs, and coffee grinder all near your coffee maker will also save time in the morning and be easier to clean up.

3. Consider a hanging rack.

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If your pots and pans are taking up a majority of the space, consider making use of above space with a hanging rack above your kitchen island.

4. Invest in baskets and bins.

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Not everything in your kitchen will fit nicely into the cupboards, so for items that you need to corral together like cookbooks and miscellaneous kitchen gadgets, baskets and bins are the perfect solution to curtail the mess. Make sure you choose bins that complement the color scheme in your space so that they will fit in with the rest of the décor.

5. Organize your flatware.

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Instead of spoon and fork shaped compartments that are often too small to fit all of your utensils, try rectangular compartments instead.

6. Label it.

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To keep your pantry organized, store staples like flour, sugar, and coffee in clear glass containers labeled with their contents.

7. Maximize your space.

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When organizing your kitchen, you’ll want to utilize every cupboard and shelf to their full potential. This might mean employing the use of upper shelves for items that are essential but aren’t used daily. If the space is a little too high to reach, invest in a small stepladder that can easily slide between the refrigerator and your cabinets for easy access.

8. Stop the search for lids.

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One of the best tips for lid storage would be to purchase a wooden peg rack to put in your cupboard to line up lids vertically next to the pots and pans. This will save you the hassle of searching high and low for a lid each time you cook and will free up some much needed cupboard space.