6 Alternatives to the Subway Tile Backsplash

Over the last five years, there have been few kitchen design trends that have rivaled the popularity of subway tile. The crisp white look has a fresh but classic appeal that works in kitchens from contemporary to traditional, making it the easy backsplash material of choice for many homeowners. But, just because subway tile is the most popular backsplash option of the moment, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right choice for your space. Whether you’re looking for something modern, colorful, or just plain different, here are six beautiful choices for your backsplash that aren’t subway tile.

Stainless steel In a minimalist space, sleek stainless steel feels right at home behind the stove. Not just a style statement, the hardworking metal is low-maintenance and easy to clean, too.

stainless steel kitchen backsplash

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Marble mini-brick If you love the look of subway tile, but want something a little more unique, marble mini-brick is a lovely option. The bricks can be arranged to mimic the layout of subway tile, but marble’s natural texture and shaded striations offer added interest. A beautiful option for a rustic kitchen!


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Painted beadboard For budget-friendly country charm (and a pop of color), try installing painted beadboard behind countertops, as seen in this cottage-style kitchen.

Painted beadboard backsplash

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Polished marble If a clean, high-end look is what you’re after, consider a backsplash made from a single piece of slab marble. For a style that’s completely seamless, use the same marble for both countertops and backsplash. Love the look but prefer something more budget-friendly? Achieve a similar aesthetic with engineered stone like Silestone or corian.

polished marble backsplash

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Mosaic glass For a fresh, contemporary look, try a backsplash made from glass tiles in varying shapes and sizes. Choose tile in a multitude of shades for a bold, fun design, or stick to a monochromatic palette for a sophisticated approach.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 6.36.20 AM

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Sheet glass Sheet glass offers modern, sleek style, low-maintenance upkeep, and a wide variety of color options. Sheet glass is an ideal choice for small spaces, since its light-reflective properties create a bright, airy feel.

sheet glass backsplash

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