5 Bathroom Design Trends that Are on the Rise

  Until recently, the bathroom was often an afterthought in home design: a functional, simple space. But over the past decade, there's been a new interest in creating bathrooms that aren't just purposeful, but pleasant. Spaces that offer a chance for relaxation and rejuvenation, and that are reflective of a homeowner's personal tastes and lifestyle.

The good news is that there are now more options for designing the bathroom of your dreams than ever before. From high-tech gadgets to luxury flourishes, the possibilities for customizing a perfect space are nearly limitless.  Among all of the options, we've picked out five of our favorite bathroom design trends that are gaining popularity right now.

bathroom trends

1. The soaking tub. Gone are the days of a two-in-one shower and bathtub. Today's homeowners want the two separate, seeing a shower as a functional element of the space, and a large soaking tub as a spot to relax. If the soaking tub is situated under a window with a view, all the better.


2. The spa-like space. In the trend towards creating bathrooms that are more than just practical, many are going all out, letting their favorite spa serve as inspiration for the space. Bamboo cabinetry and accents, white-on-white walls and tile, and minimalist fixtures have all become common asks.

high-end bathroom remodel cost 2 3. The seamless glass enclosure. Shower curtains may very well become a thing of the past: today's homeowners are opting for glass-enclosed showers almost exclusively, for the clean look and bright, airy feel they create in the room. 

bathroom design trends

4. The statement maker. Whether it's a purely decorative tile mosaic in the shower, a crystal-laden chandelier at the center of the room, or a decadent fireplace at the foot of the tub, bathrooms are being designed around a singular statement-making focal point.

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5. The hi-tech add on. From programmable shower functions, to medicine cabinets that double as television screens, to towel warming racks, and wireless bathroom speakers, homeowners are turning toward technology to add ease and luxury to their spaces.

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