10 White Kitchen Design Ideas

White is currently the hue of choice for many homeowners choosing cabinetry for a kitchen remodel. But, just because the look is popular, doesn't mean it can't be unique. Below, 10 white kitchen design ideas that range from classic, to cutting-edge, and everything in between. 1. Traditional with a Twist All it takes to create a kitchen that's unique to you is a few unexpected details. While the design of this sprawling kitchen is based on classic concepts like painted, raised-panel cabinetry and an antique-inspired fixtures, a dark-toned contrasting island and bar area adds gravitas, depth, and interest to the design. Traditional white kitchen design

2. Sleek and Modern This Narragansett, Rhode Island summer home creates the perfect juxtaposition between high-quality material and simple design. The masculine wood floors give the room a classic feel and the ultra-sleek chrome appliances and pendant light fixture add an air of modern appeal to this bright space. Sleek modern white kitchen design

3. Mix and Match When designing a white-based kitchen, creating variation in the space is as easy as adding a few statement details. In this Cambridge, Massachusetts loft, adding industrial stools to accent a classic wooden table and placing an eye-catching graphic clock front and center gives the space an eclectic feel. Eclectic white kitchen design

4. Light and Airy The key to creating this eye-catching space: breaking up the monochromatic look with pops of contrasting color. In this cozy kitchen, the black chairs and patterned curtains stand out against the uniform cabinetry and light-colored quartzite countertops. white kitchen 1

5. Contemporary Concept This glossy kitchen and its unique, built-in cabinet design and appliances is the perfect example of how to fully utilize space in your room. From an aesthetic standpoint, high-gloss white fronts and the polished worktop of white mineral material are kept tone-on-tone, creating a sparkling look that you can’t tear your eyes away from. white kitchen ideas 2

6. Minimalist with a twist When creating a mix-and-match kitchen, consider texture, too. This kitchen’s high-gloss white island and flat wooden wall cabinets are key to constructing a unique space. white and gray kitchen ideas

7. Artist Haven This open kitchen is spectacular not only because of its enviable light and clean design, but also because of the way the designer created an artistic air with carefully placed red pops of color. All white kitchen ideas 3

8. Modern Beach House This beach house kitchen has a well-curated mix of old and new with raised-panel cabinetry, sleek black countertops, and vaulted, wood-paneled ceilings that give the space depth and charm. white kitchen 6

9. Formal yet Relaxed In this eclectic kitchen the formal feel of the light fixtures is offset by incorporating strong elements like that of the dark wooden island and its marbled countertop. white kitchen 10

10. Charming Details While the design of this kitchen is based on simplicity, the ceramic tile backsplash and red wainscoting adds a rustic charm to this barn-like abode. white kitchen country