Boston Lincoln Contemporay Transitional Bathroom

Spa retreat - a new, interior design feat in Lincoln, MA

While black bathrooms were all the rage in the 1980's, the leaves of time + tastes have evolved; thus, we find that perhaps black tiling has its place somewhere in the mix. But, in the case of this bathroom renovation, it does not. And, we're not sorry. For, the alternative culminates in soft, natural tones and textures. Divine Design + Build senior designer Amany Hanna works in cooperation with her client's to revitalize this Lincoln, MA master bath into something more than a "comfort station", but rather a fully-integrated oasis. Alas, Porcelain countertops find refuge in newfound quartzite. Similarly, clunky doors are opted out for well-manicured pocket doors. And, inefficient bathroom hardware and accessories are traded out for modern, sleek upgrades. This is just the follow us, and then you will see...


The stark differences in colors and materials in the before and after of this bathroom are, on the surface, apparent. However, it is a meticulous redefining of the space on a whole, on behalf of the designer, that allows for this bathroom's overall success. The pre-existing bathroom entertained a blocked-in shower stall, and then a preceding toilet room, alongside the left-hand wall of the space. The two blocked in spaces added a bulkiness and lack of "flow" necessary to an optimal spa's space.

Thus, Amany, still wanting to give her clients the desired privacy of a toilet room, switched the two (i.e. shower and toilet). Thus, the glassed-in shower produced in the redesign creates a sense of openness so desperately needed in the final layout.

Additionally, even more, space was generated by removing the tiled-in tub and replacing it with a standalone one. Subsequently, Amany was able to fit in his and her sinks/vanity set-ups, while also allowing the lady of the house her own makeup station separately from the day-to-day use of the sink-in vanity.

Another creature comfort implemented in this bathroom's constructive redesign comes in the form of heated floors. For, there is nothing worse than the gripping cold that amounts on bare feet in the morning during a New England Winter.

Quirky details designated by the designer on this project allot for not just a beautiful solution, but a unique spin on the modern "spa retreat". The stone floor below the standalone tub, by Daltile, protects other areas of the bathroom from moisture by trapping the tub's potential overflow between the grout. But, the therapeutic nature of this form of stone tile also aids in the longterm enjoyment of feet on natural stones.

Stunning porcelain tiles from Transceramica mimick natural hardwood floors, without the consequence of water damage down the road. Furthermore, walnut vanities are paired with sleek handles from Top Knobs: of which we are brought back to the new space's inherent contemporary spirit. Complimentary tiles in the shower from the formerly mentioned Transceramica touch on its surrounding textures and color schemes as naturally as the colors are related to nature themselves.  

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~ Madison Silvers