6 Brands that Make Stylish Kitchen Faucets

February 2nd, 2017 | Kitchens

The faucet you choose for your kitchen design might seem like a minor detail at first, but it’s actually something that will contribute to the look of your space more than you think.

Designing a kitchen is different from designing other rooms in the house since, for the most part, it lacks the furniture and accessories you’d find in other living spaces. Because you won’t be able to rely on things like upholstery, linens, and wall art (or if you can, it will be in a much smaller sense than say, in a living room), the functional elements of your kitchen need to contribute to giving the design a style perspective. That includes everything from cabinetry, to appliances, to yes, even the faucet.

So before you make it an after thought, here are six brands that make stylish kitchen faucets that will enhance the look of your kitchen design.


Waterstone faucets are made in America, and is also an excellent resource for Colonial-inspired fixtures with a contemporary twist, like their best-selling pull-down faucet, below (Singer Taylor Swift has it at home).

Waterstone - Gantry pull-down faucet hook spout


German brand Dornbracht has been making faucets since 1950, and is known for a sleek, modern look and unique finishes, like the rose-gold Cyprum option.

stylish kitchen faucet dornbracht kitchen faucet - cyprum


Danze is a relative newcomer  on the U.S. market, having emerged in the early 2000s. The company prides itself on playful, original design, and a wide range of styles, from contemporary, to transitional, to traditional.

stylish kitchen faucet - danze prince faucet


Swiss-line KWC is another great resource for contemporary kitchen faucets, including their award-winning Zoe collection, seen below.



Graff is headquarted in Milwaukee, but owned by a European parent company, and its collections show influences from each. Its sleek contemporary faucets could be sraight from Germany, while it’s traditional sinks show American tradition.

Wellington-01 -graff - stylish kitchen faucets


Rohl is a family company that’s dedicated to luxury. In fact, they call their design arm “House of Rohl,” taking a cue from couture fashion labels. Rohl also has ongoing partnerships with leading style setters Perrin & Rowe and Michael Berman.

rohl faucet



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