Wet Bar Design in the Kitchen

December 1st, 2016 | Kitchens

Having a wet bar in the kitchen is the entertainer’s ultimate dream because it means you’re always ready for a party. A wet bar is a place that can easily store wine and spirits, plus everything you need to enjoy them, like glassware, mixers, a bar sink, and ice. If you love to host and have room in your kitchen design or remodel for a wet bar, the only thing left to decide is how it should look. We’ve had the pleasure of designing a variety of these spaces for our clients over the years, and here are a few of our favorite ideas for wet bar design in the kitchen.

The Grandest Wet Bar of them All

This first project was, to our memory, the largest and most intricate wet bar design we’ve ever done. It was in a summer home on the Cape that was generous enough that the wet bar was able to take over an entire nook of its own adjacent to the space.

It doesn’t look like much from this angle…


Until you put this space in context with the built-in wine refrigerator and sliding-glass wine wall.


built in wine storage, entertaining home

The Traditional Beauty

This example is what most people have in mind when they decide they want a wet bar. A standalone space that’s slightly separate from the rest of the cabinetry and prep zones, made up of a wine refrigerator, sink, and cabinet storage. It’s fairly compact, but has everything one would need to host a party.

The Double-Wide Wet Bar

If you have some extra space to dedicate to your wet bar design, consider a “double-wide” concept, like the one below, which offers both a wine and beer refrigerator, plus a bar sink, two oulet panels, and storage space for decanters, cutting boards, wine keys, a trash can, and many different styles of glassware.


The Compact Solution

Not everyone has room for such an elaborate wet bar, but don’t let space limit you! If you can spare a few linear feet in your kitchen, you can create a functional wet bar area. This hideway bar was built to maintain the sleek, high-efficiency feel in a contemporary, minimalist kitchen.

hidden wine bar

The Not-So-Wet Wet Bar

Again, sometimes space or budget restrictions require tweaks to the typical wet bar design. In this case, to prevent the need for an additional water line, the “wet” bar was created without a sink, but still adds plenty of functionality to parties and gatherings by housing a wine fridge, glassware, and separate prep and serving area.

boston built in bar designer

For more on wet bar design, check out our post on wet bar ideas for other rooms in your home, like a finished basement, a game room, or a small space.

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