4 Ways to Add More Storage to Any Kitchen

May 10th, 2016 | Kitchens

Storage is one of the most essential parts of a well-functioning kitchen. Whether you have an ample-sized area to work with or your square footage is limited, a well-organized kitchen comes down to smart use of whatever space you do have. Before you start your new kitchen design, consider these 4 ways to add more storage to any kitchen.

Maximize every inch. There should be no such thing as wasted space in the kitchen. Even the smallest space can become a valuable storage area. Creative thinking can turn a weird corner or awkward stretch of wall into one of the most useful spots in your kitchen. A great example is this small wall area that was transformed into a storage “garage.”

cambridge modern kitchen design 4 cambridge modern kitchen design 5

Make use of corners. Corners are a hidden opportunity in kitchen design. Instead of turning corners into two separate cabinets, create one large, L-shaped space with a pullout door that’s perfect for housing large pots and pans, or insert a rotating Lazy Susan to allow for convenient access to small appliances.

organized kitchen drawers leicht 2

Plan for organized drawers. Make it easy to stay organized and ensure you maximize the space in each of your drawers by having customized inserts created for the various appliances and dishware you’ll store there.

organized kitchen drawers 5Organized kitchen drawers leicht

Create a smart pantry design. Before designing your pantry, think carefully about what you plan to store there. Chances are, most of it will be smaller items like cans of soup or beans, extra condiments, and boxes of granola bars. If that’s the case, consider making your shelves shorter (with less space between each one) which double the amount of room you have. Creating a pullout design will allow you to just as easily access what’s in the back. Leave one or two taller shelves for things like cereal boxes and paper towels.
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