Vendor Spotlight: Ann Sacks Tile

June 15th, 2016 | Bathrooms, Kitchens

One of the things that makes Divine Design & Build different is the unique, exemplary manufacturers and brands we work with. We take care to select every vendor we work with only after ensuring they offer beautiful, quality design that will withstand both your taste and your needs for decades to come. So, we wanted to highlight some of the wonderful manufacturers we work with to provide a little more insight into what makes them so great, and why you might consider their products for your home.

ann sacks tile

Next up in our vendor spotlight series is a brand that continues to push the design boundaries for kitchens and bathrooms by helping to turn these functional spaces into rooms that are just as much about form: Ann Sacks tile. The company offers thousands of options for tile: from intricate glass and porcelain mosaics, to rustic stone tile, to options in leather, marble, wood, and concrete, allowing homeowners (and our clients) to create floors, walls, and backsplashes that are unique, beautiful, and 100 percent reflective of their aesthetic and lifestyle.


The company has artful beginnings: It was started in 1981 by its namesake, after she stumbled upon a series of Mexican telavera tiles being sold as trivets and became enamored. Since then, the company has lived at the fusion of the artistic and the practical, and has served as an industry leader in tile design. In fact, Ann Sacks’s new lines are often one of our favorite sources of inspiration.

Perhaps one of the most exquisite things about the company isn’t the tiles themselves, but the variety of designs and colors they can be ordered in. We’re always amazed at the intricacy of the patterns the company creates.

These are just a few of our favorite examples from the line, below.

Anticosti Field Tiles

ann sacks anticosti field tiles

anticosti field tiles windsor

Mousharabia Field Tile
ann sacks - Mousharabia_Field_FatimaPicket_White

Cowden Bell Gator Field Tile

cowden bell gallery

Calacatta Borghini Mosaic Tile


For more options from Ann Sacks, and to see our entire selection of products for the kitchen and bath, visit our Wellesley and Boston design showrooms.

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