Tiny Kitchen Design Ideas That Are Practical & Stylish

January 23rd, 2017 | Kitchens

Your kitchen might be small in space but don’t let that discourage you from achieving your dream kitchen design. It’s not about how much space you have but what you do with it. Changes in cabinetry, color schemes and layout can maximize your space to make it feel bigger than it really is. Here are some ways you can make the most of your small kitchen.

To maximize your space, get rid of any extras and unnecessary frills. Consider installing recessed lighting as opposed to intricate pendant lights or chandeliers. This will help to open up the ceiling making your kitchen feel and look bigger than it really is. It’s all about the optical illusions.

2- south End kitchen after

Try to stay away from mixing bold colors, stick to neutrals with small color accents. Dark colors absorb light and tend to make spaces seem smaller. Brighter neutral tones look bigger and more inviting. This particular kitchen uses bright whites and neutral tones with red accents for a little pop of color.

tiny kitchen design

Gain more counter space by utilizing a standalone bookshelf to fit the end of your kitchen island. It elongates your island for more prep space and gives you more storage for your microwave, pots and pans or even your cookbooks.

Floor to ceiling cabinetry maximizes your kitchen by using up as much vertical space as possible without closing in on the actual floor space. They almost camouflage to look like walls for a clean, clutter-less look. Floor to ceiling cabinetry is great for narrow galley kitchens.

tiny kitchen design

Don’t let odd shaped areas scare you. This particular small kitchen design embraced the slanted ceiling and created a design around it to best utilize the odd shaped area. It’s important to hire professional designers to help best use weird shaped areas. This is also a great example of how big windows to let in natural light can help make the kitchen seem less stuffy.

tiny kitchen design

Paneled refrigerators and dishwashers are a great way to hide and camouflage bulky appliances to create a more seamless look to open up your kitchen.

Make effective use of every nook and cranny of your kitchen. Consider installing corner shelving or corner cabinets for more storage space.

tiny kitchen design

Custom counter tops and islands that are specifically made to fit your space can reduce a lot of space wasted with traditional designs. This corner kitchen has a uniquely shaped counter top in order to accommodate an eat-in kitchen.

For more tiny kitchen design ideas, visit our Houzz profile.


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