The Biggest Kitchen Design Trends for 2017 & Beyond

August 31st, 2016 | Kitchens

Kitchen design trends are constantly evolving–and these days, with digital media like Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram giving homeowners a constant stream of inspiration, it seems like new styles are coming and going at an even faster rate. If you’re planning to refresh your kitchen in 2017, make sure it’s cutting edge be incorporating what are sure to be the biggest kitchen design trends for 2017.

gray kitchen cabinets

Open shelving shows off a pretty kitchenware collection.

Open shelving.

Open shelving is one of the most popular kitchen design elements of the past year, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down for 2017. The major appeal of open shelving is the ability to showcase and style beautiful dishes, drink ware, and serving pieces, although it does come with it’s own set of drawbacks, too, so be sure you consider both ends of the spectrum before committing to this style. (For more information, read our post on whether open shelving is for you.)

kitchen design trends - two tone cabinets 2017

Gray and white kitchen cabinetry.

Two-Tone cabinetry.

Love white and black? Torn between gray paint and pale pine? Now, you don’t have to choose just one finish for your cabinetry. Next year will be all about the two-tone, layered look, whether you paint the upper cabinetry one shade and the lower set another, or simply choose a kitchen island in a different finish.

Cape Cod Kitchen 15

The devil is in the details, like these beautiful brass cup pulls.

Designer hardware.

Hardware is like the jewelry for your kitchen design, and there are more options out there than ever before. Skip the standard nickel knobs and brass bar pulls from the big box store and opt for something special. Among the details we’ve seen on hardware: hammered finishes, leather trim, and even pulls made from slices of agate.

kitchen design trends 2017 - european cabinetry

European kitchen cabinets from LEICHT

European cabinets.

As contemporary design becomes increasingly popular, more homeowners are looking across the pond for sleek kitchen inspiration. European kitchen design is known for its streamlined, low-profile, and smart approach to cabinetry. Appliances are often concealed behind panels that match the cabinets, wood grain is covered with high-gloss lacquered finishes, and drawers and shelves can are designed to make maximum use of space.

kitchen design trends 2017 - engineered countertops

Engineered Quartz countertops in white.

Engineered countertops.

Granite and marble have always been the gold standard in kitchen countertop materials, but as anyone whose had them in the past knows, they can also be high maintenance. Both granite and marble are porous and require maintenance through regular sealing. The growing popularity of engineered countertops stems largely from the fact that they are nonporous, yet still offer the look and feel of natural stone.

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