Stylish Wine Storage Without a Wine Cellar

September 13th, 2016 | Kitchens

If you’re a wine-lover, you’ve probably dreamed of a dedicated wine cellar. A space lined with custom-wooden shelving and outfitted with a climate control system that’ll allow you to have all of your favorite vintages proper stored and ready at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, not all houses come equipped with enough space to spare an entire room that’s just for wine, especially in New England where historic homes tend to be on the smaller side already.

But, just because you don’t have the space for an actual wine cellar, doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams of becoming an avid collector. Proof is in this complete kitchen overhaul we did in a Cape Cod vacation house, which offers stylish wine storage without a wine cellar.

The Challenge:

Because this home was a vacation house designed for entertaining, the homeowner wanted ample room for and easy access to their wine collection.

The Solution:

We created a “wine wall” made of glass panels, which house floor-to-ceiling wine racks, accessible via sliding glass doors. The wall is not only a practical solution for the layout of the home and the lifestyle of the homeowner, but it creates a beautiful and unique visual statement, too, setting a fun scene for the homeowner’s many parties and gatherings. The wall also serves as a divider between the kitchen and a dedicated bar area with a wine refrigerator and additional storage racks.

wine storage without the wine cellar wine storage without a wine cellar wine storage with no wine cellar

Love the idea of custom-built wine storage in your kitchen, bar area, or dining room? We can work with you to create the perfect solution, get in touch with Divine Design Build here.

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