Small Mudroom Ideas for Entryway Spaces

February 10th, 2017 | Mudrooms

A mudroom is a dream for most families. A spot to kick off shoes, hang coats and outerwear, and store backpacks and sports gear out of the way. But mudrooms are also a fairly new phenomenon. Fifty, even 25 years ago, most homes weren’t built with mudrooms. If you live in an old home, however, that doesn’t mean you have to do without. You just need to think creatively about the space you have. Here, we created a small mudroom out of an entryway space in a classic New England home.

Divine Design Build 322 Franklin St Newton MA Photography by Keitaro Yoshioka 035

The key to creating a mudroom was built-ins. We turned a simple wall into a practical hub with upper cabinets (which make great storage for umbrellas, or out-of-season accessories or sports gear); A row of hooks gives each family member a designated spot for their coat and bags; while a storage bench creates a spot to sit while putting on shoes, as well as a place to neatly hide them after their removed.

small mudroom ideas

Finally, a build-in pantry cabinet becomes a convenient coat closet, with another built-in storage drawer for bags and shoes. Since the spot doubles as an entry, a dark rug feels inviting and dresses up the space, but is also dark enough to hide dirt from heavy foot traffic.

small mudroom ideas

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