A Quick Guide to Custom-Panel Appliances

December 8th, 2016 | Kitchens

Custom-panel appliances–or appliances that are fit with exterior panels that match the rest of your cabinetry–give your kitchen a seamless look that instantly makes it feel more¬†bespoke and high-end. Custom-panel appliances are ideal for all styles of kitchen — from modern and contemporary, to traditional and rustic, and many different appliance and cabinetry manufacturers offer solutions for custom paneling. If you’re considering this upgrade, here’s what you need to know.


A traditional kitchen with a custom-panel refrigerator

You’ll need to buy specialty appliances.

While most major appliance manufacturers offer panel-ready appliances (including our suppliers like Gaggenau, Wolf, Thermador, and Miele), not all models will be designed to accept panels. You’ll need to work with your kitchen designer or appliance vendor to select the right versions.


A custom-paneled Bosch dishwasher


You might not need custom cabinetry.

If you purchased both your cabinets and appliances through a big box store or chain retailer, they might make prefab panels that attach to your appliances (contact the store or your installer for more information). However, if your cabinets were custom-made, are done in a custom color, or you’re opting for higher-end, European, or specialty appliances, there’s a good chance you will need to have your panels custom made. If you’re in the process of designing or remodeling your kitchen, making the decision to include custom-panel appliances at the beginning of the process can make it more seamless and cost effective to install them.

divine design build kitchend designer

A custom-panel refrigerator in a contemporary kitchen design

Only certain appliances can be paneled.

Your refrigerator, dishwasher, and warming or freezer drawers can be custom paneled, but your oven cannot. If you opt to panel one appliance in your kitchen, we recommend paneling any others that can be paneled too. For example, if you panel the refrigerator, panel the dishwasher and vice versa.

wine refrigerator

A custom-panel wine refrigerator

What do you think about custom panel kitchen appliances? Is it something you’d choose for your home?

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