Where to Put a TV In the Kitchen

December 7th, 2016 | Kitchens

Putting a TV in the kitchen is one of the most polarizing design elements we come across amongst our clients. People either love the idea, or are totally opposed to it. We can definitely see both sides of the argument. It’s nice to watch the morning news while you wait for your coffee to brew, or to have the big game on while you’re prepping appetizers for a party. But at the same time, the kitchen is one of the last frontiers in the home where the majority of people still don’t have a television.

If you ARE pro-TV, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is where to put it. You want it in a spot that makes it easy to see, but one that’s out of the way enough so it doesn’t interfere with cooking. It’s also nice to have the option to cover it up or hide it when you want, too.

Here are a few solutions we’ve designed for clients in the past.

Put it up high.
Here, we designed a specific cabinet space for the client’s small television. It’s high location allows it to be visible from most of the room, but it’s easy to ignore when it’s off.

See more of this project herewhere-to-put-a-tv-in-the-kitchen

Hide it in a Cabinet. 

This is a good option for households where one person is pro-TV and the other person might be against it, or for families who think a TV is an eyesore in their design.  Here, the TV is stashed on a pull out shelf in a cabinet that makes it easy to pull out or tuck away as needed.


Mount it on the wall.

This project might be 10 years old, but the idea behind it is still relevant: mounting a TV on the wall is one of the best ways to keep it off the counters and out of the way, but it doesn’t require building a specific spot into your kitchen cabinetry should you change your mind about the location or size of your TV.


Make it Portable

If your kitchen has already been designed without a designated spot for the TV, it is possible to still incorporate one. The key is to make it small enough that you can push it out of the way, or even unplug it an move it when you need to. This small countertop television is a good example.

See more of this project on Houzz here.



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