Why you Need A Pot Filler Behind the Stove

December 2nd, 2016 | Kitchens

One of our most popular requests in kitchen remodels over the last few years is, in the grand scheme of kitchen design, a very minor detail. It’s not a fancy surfacing material or style of tile, and it costs a fraction of the price of a good refrigerator or granite countertops. It’s a pot filler — which is essentially a faucet attached to  the wall behind the stove that is used for, you guessed it, filling pots.

Here’s why they’re so popular, and why you might want to consider one for your kitchen.


Have you ever carried a lobster pot full of water across your kitchen? Did you wake up with a backache the next day? Pots full of water are heavy, and having a pot filler eliminates the need to haul them around the kitchen.


Have you ever carried a lobster pot full of water across your kitchen and it was still full by the time you go to the other side? Even the steadiest of hands have sloshed a pot of water all over the kitchen floor. Fill your pot when it’s on your stove, and you’ll prevent all kinds of spills.


If you ever need to add water to a dish while it’s on the stove, or you accidentally let a pot of water boil down to nothing, a pot filler makes it easy to add water without removing a hot pot from the stove.


It’s convenient for other things too. For example, if you have your coffee pot on the counter, you can easily fill the reservoir. Or if you’re baking and need a cup of water, you’ve got an extra faucet.

What do you think of the pot filler? Would you consider it for your kitchen?

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