The Most Popular Houzz Photos of 2016

December 23rd, 2016 | Kitchens

We have been on Houzz for a few years now, and each year, we’re always floored by how much the platform grows. In 2016, for example, photos from Divine Design Build had more the 3.5 million impressions and 45,000 saves on Houzz. That’s a lot of views, and we’re  just one of  the thousands of companies on the site. Because Houzz casts such a wide net and has so many users, we always pay close attention to our most-viewed and saved photos on the site … it’s a good indicator of what our clients and homeowners in general are looking for in their kitchens.

So what is everyone loving this year? Here’s a look at our most popular Houzz photos of  2016. You might just find an idea that you love, too.

#10. A perfectly organized kitchen drawer.
25,000+ views and 634 saves.


#9. Smart storage for cleaning supplies.
33,000+ views, 647 saves


#8. A minimalist and modern European kitchen.
62,000+ views, 734 saves


#7. Leicht’s perfectly put-together drawer inserts.
32,000+ views, 753 saves


#6. A bright and traditional family kitchen.
38,500+ view, 769 saves


#5. A double-duty command and entertainment center.
42,500+ views, 981 saves


#4. A contemporary-design lover’s dream kitchen.
151,000+ views, 1,417 saves


#3. Sleek and hidden under-cabinet lighting from Leicht.
85.500+ views, 2117 saves


#2. A unique and convenient spot to store stemware.
121,000+ views, 3,378 saves


#1. Dishware, decluttered
Our single most popular photo on Houzz in 2016 was: Leicht’s customizable drawer storage for dishware! It got more than 203,000 views and was saved nearly 4,700 times.


We can’t wait to see how the trends and priorities change in 2017! Happy New Year!


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