Mudroom Design Ideas for Spring

March 20th, 2017 | Kitchens

Spring means rain and rain means mud, so there’s no time like the present to re-imagine your mudroom.   A well-designed mudroom can serve as an organized catchall for shoes, bags, sports gear, and of course, dirt, making the rest of your home a cleaner, less-cluttered place. Planning to redesign your mudroom? Here are a few of our favorite mudroom design ideas from projects we’ve completed through the years.

Double-Duty Space.

What’s more convenient than having the kids come home from sports practice and immediately tossing their dirty shirts and socks into the hamper? This small utility space was designed with maximum efficiency, allowing it to be half mudroom, half laundry room. Color-separating hampers, hangers for coats and clean clothes, and plenty of hooks for bags finish off this practical space.

Neat & Narrow

This next space turned a regular hallway into the ultimate storage area for a family. The solve: adding built-in closed shelving and bench seating down the length of the hall. Closets hold coats, shoes, and out of season outerwear and recreation gear, while drawers house cold-weather accessories.

mudroom design ideas

Pretty & Practical

This homeowner wanted a mudroom space in their basement adjacent to the garage door, where the family most often came in and out of the house. While there’s no true coat closet, a heavy-duty hook gives each family member a designated spot for their jacket. Open shelves are kept neat with decorative storage baskets that house hats, gloves, and pet supplies. Finally, deep drawers make housing school bags and shoes a cinch.

mudroom design ideas

Small & Simple

This final space proves that you don’t need a ton of square footage to design a functional mudroom. This entryway was transformed into storage central with the addition of a singular coat closet, a bench seat, hooks for bags, and pull-out storage for shoes.

mudroom design ideas

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