Modern Interior Design Ideas for a Chic Home

August 16th, 2016 | Kitchens

Modern design focuses on the concept of less is more with thoughtfully placed, sleek furnishings, neutral color schemes, and a polished, clutter-free space. To give you inspiration for your own modern home, here are 8 interior design ideas that will help you design a chic, polished space.

Image via Rolf Benz

Image via Rolf Benz

Use European furnishings
European brands like Team 7, Rolf-Benz, and MisuraEmme all design daringly modern furnishings that will be the perfect accent to offset your space.

Choose sleek fixtures and finishes
Sharp, geometric furnishings are a great way to add a touch of modernism into your home. Think sleek chrome and stainless steel furniture and Bauhaus inspired lighting.

Think less is more
Elegance and simplicity go hand in hand and a well balanced home means a good design strategy with minimal clutter. Declutter your space, utilize your storage options, focus on statement accents that offset the room, and be sure to balance things with white furnishings or walls.

Image via Misura Emme

Image via Misura Emme

Hide clutter with built in storage
Modern homes all have one thing in common: a sleek, clean space. To minimize clutter, we love the built-in storage pieces from MisuraEmme. Whether it’s a built-in shelving unit in your living room or a closed wardrobe in your bedroom, these pieces will help you to embrace a clutter-free space.

Incorporate wall art
To add further impact, many modern homes are integrating wall art in an otherwise neutral space. Choose thoughtful pieces that will add depth to your space and won’t add too much noise.

add color to a neutral kitchen-1

Think neutral color schemes
Neutral spaces are relaxing and give off an air of sophistication. Incorporate colors like white, cream, grey, and black for a serene design.

Don’t forget about the lighting
Floor to ceiling windows, skylights, and modern pendant lights are just a few ways to brighten up your space and keep things light and airy.

Use bold design elements
To really add drama to a neutral room, incorporate one bold design element that will set off your space and become the focal point of the room.

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