Cambridge Transitional Kitchen

Divine Intervention After Water Damage

When this cozy Cambridge kitchen suffered water damage, the owners wanted make repairs and update the space to be more useful and appealing, with an eclectic kitchen design to match their personality. Divine Design was able to create a much more efficient working space for the young couple to enjoy, and create just the right look for their young professional lifestyle. While the majority of fixtures stayed in place, a few small changes made all the difference for creating a much more useful layout in this eclectic kitchen design.



Starting with shift in position for the sink, the design opened up possibilities to increase storage for the small kitchen layout. A bank of lower cabinets in white provide ample storage for utensils and kitchen necessities. The placement of the sink allows for both a double cabinet, and a pair of open display shelves. For the cooking area, a large, professional oven and range combination was paired with full-length steel backsplash and chimney hood to take advantage of the home’s high ceilings. Flanking the cook-space with banks of drawers creates ample room for extra cookware. Finally, a fully integrated stainless refrigerator and pantry combination give the couple storage for fresh, organic food and produce for dinners and entertaining in this small kitchen layout.



One of the most unique elements of the kitchen design is the handmade 3D tile backsplash highlighting the sink prep area.  This handmade tile creates lively texture that complements the natural shelving nicely. The 3D aspect of the tile lends a sophisticated, artistic touch to elevate this small kitchen to a welcoming hangout for the couple and their guests.

Finishing Touches and a Custom Dining Table for Two

In a small space, a few well-placed details can accomplish much. For this kitchen, a small adjustment to the window placement allowed even this small kitchen layout to incorporate a beautiful bar-height table, perfect for dinners at home. The client loved chestnut finishes, so the Divine team commissioned a local artisan to make both the steel and wood custom dining table and the display shelves in natural chestnut. The addition of natural wood touches to a neutral palette brought out the beauty of the design as a whole. A medium, natural finish for the floors brings a touch of warmth to this sophisticated new look.