Cambridge Contemporary Kitchen In Victorian Home

Cambridge kitchen remodel swells with a historic evolution

Enter the year 1892. The setting? Cambridge, Massachusettes. The players? Historian, and evolutionary philosopher John Fiske. While our (i.e. Divine Design Build)  role in the natural progression of the in question Queen Anne, mansard roof takes root much further on, it's only fitting to begin this story with, well, what else but the very beginning.

So, with that said we date this house back to one of Charles Darwins' most prized cohorts from the late nineteenth century. The original iteration of this Cambridge home is described by historical home appraisers throughout its existence as "conservative". However, the inhabitants of this mansard roof abode were anything but...


Like any historical piece of land, it's always a challenge to understand where renovation begins and restoration ends. Thankfully for our queen of modern aesthetics/Divine designer Samantha DeMarco, this question was decided for her. For, although the internet has provided us with the "original" original images of the house circa 1903, much of the home as it was when we got our hands on it was falling apart from failed, former-homeowner design and build projects.

Thus, the new owners of this historical Cambridge home enlisted Samantha to revitalize the space in hues of modern color. The minimalist, modern design appreciates the home's original glamour, however, the innovative cabinetry and opened up windows allow for newfound light and productivity.


Finally, from feasibilities to many a rendering we are left with the final "solution". An enviable kitchen designed by our favorite purveyor of modern cabinetry and et. al. Samantha DeMarco. Upon the green light from her Cambridge clients, Ms. DeMarco worked with German cabinet makers Leicht in securing clean, functional aesthetics. Appliances are integrated into the optimized design via Samantha's ingenious display of Thermador refrigerator, dishwasher, cooktop and etc. In short, we all think Fiske would agree with this "natural" evolution of his former home. Don't you?

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~Madison Silvers