Brookline Contemporary Kitchen

Old Habits, New Improvements

Old habits, in this case, do not die hard. For, this newly renovated Dutch colonial weaves it’s original integrity with contemporary details impeccably. Thus, fans of traditional, New England architecture find assurance in modern-design trends.

Divine Design Center designer Samantha DeMarco teamed up with Francke French Architects and home developer Chadi Kawkabani in uncovering a new realm of possibilities in a region prized for it’s historically old homes and subsequent traditional tastes.

Minimalist design applied to historical times

To marry both the new and old is not easy. Maintaining traditional elements, while creating modern aesthetics can often appear as an intrusion. However, careful planning amongst the three parties present in this house's reconstruction, led to a perfect balance of the two. Transitional design choices are subtly present throughout the whole colonial. With this in mind, the project's kitchen designer proposed to align with the clean lines and minimal theories associated with contemporary architecture. Yet, the natural-wood paneling as seen in the pantry and nook built-ins are nostalgic nods to the dark-wood floors and detailing found in colonial homes of the past. This juxtaposition of dark to light satisfies the open-floor plan of the first floor. Thus, introducing a sense of harmony in the kitchen's depth of field.


Handle-less hurrah

When laying out this modern kitchen, Samantha chose German kitchen designers Leicht for the job. Leicht's handle-less designs and glossy finishes beckon timeless design for future homeowners of this Dutch colonial. However, the present implication of this Leicht kitchen parlays a sonorous atmosphere circumstantial to recent industry innovations.

The kitchen island and associated handle-less cabinets are a white, lacquered surface. The kitchen back-splash compliments the drawer fronts with its custom-painted glass + accenting stainless steel Schluter strips. Additionally, the counter-tops offer texture in its white surrounding through an engineered, lightly marbled Caesarstone product.

In contrast, the floor to ceiling pantry and window-nook cabinets are a rich, luxurious natural oak veneer from Leicht as well.

All of the kitchen's built-ins are custom-cut to fit the Thermador refrigerator and dishwasher and the custom panels that cover them. Similarly, Thermador's double built-in oven, gas cook-top, and wall hood culminate in essential kitchen queries.

~ Madison Silvers

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