Boston Newton Frank Lloyd Wright Transitional Leicht Kitchen Red Accents

Kitchen renovations: celebrating 150 years of Frank Lloyd Wright

As Divine Design looks back on nearly 15 years in the industry, we thought it appropeaux to reflect on one of the greatest architects of all time. Drum roll, please. He goes by the name of Frank Lloyd Wright. With all of this in mind, the late and great FLW is celebrating a monumental milestone--- a would be 150 years old. Incidentally, one of Divine's favorite projects from many projects past is a direct influence of the architect himself. Thus, we celebrate Frank Lloyd Wright in the only way we know how, which is by talking in modern kitchens.

Now, we step back in Divine time. The setting? Newton, MA. The logistics? Out-of-date home, renovations required. The brains? Divine Designer Samantha DeMarco.

Samantha's clients were a dream: they loved the modern aesthetic. The challenge, of course, being that closed-kitchens and dark, disintegrating cabinetry was closing this couple in. Samantha's solution? Light, bright, and customized. The artistic eye of the clients signified that they needed something completely different than what anyone had ever seen before.

The process was extensive, but the outcome was truly worth the strive. Samantha and her clients assumed a definitively specific and particular position in the designing of this space. No page went un-turned. For the kitchen set-up, Samantha and Divine Design opted for Leicht Kitchens. The German-engineered cabinetry effected a seamless modern feel, that was light in appearance, but also technical and easy-to-use in it's design.

The insertion of skylights and removal of walls established an open-air atmosphere that was crucial in the client's desires for their final product.

Additionally, the client's art background and love for contemporary design lent itself to the custom-designed table, conceived and constructed by Samantha and the Divine Design + Build construction team.

Another interesting feauture to the renovation lies in the red accents throughout the home and kitchen. The designer along with the client created a custom color in a red tone. This color was then translated to paint, tiles, art and table accents found throughout the home.

The final product yielded jaw-dropping results. The entry to the kitchen is comprised of the original wood doors in this Newton home. While the wood's integrity was upheld, Samantha proposed a Frank Lloyd Wright faux-paint finish using the previously discussed red paint. Mid-century modern themes manifest in the intricate lines designed by Divine Design + Build.

Similarly, custom walnut shelving is pictured throughout the kitchen and depicts glimpses of Frank Lloyd Wright and his design motifs.

The floors are featured in picturesque and opulent mainframes: white, wooden planks with a custom wash effect a utilitarian, yet warm ambiance held up throughout the design of the whole home.

One additional nod to the home's original findings is the large painting in the dining room. This painting, albeit expansive in size, came with the purchase of the home and was integral in the final conception of Samantha's designs. Thus, in the dining room, a special wall was created in order to seamlessly house the painting in its full glory.

Cheers, Samantha! and, of course, Happy Birthday FLW.