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Traditional Foxborough kitchen with light aspirations

While this Foxborough home boast high ceilings, it's dark wood applications and ill-conceived window placement leaves the inside of this colonial feeling dark and gloomy. Naturally, the owners of this home were looking to provide a lighter, naturally-lit (no pun intended) kitchen oasis. In lieu of this desire, these Foxborough residents looked no further than Amany Hanna's instinctive flair for bright traditional design. And thus, Divine Design + Build set to work in resurrecting the appropriate kitchen this home was beholden for. Let the challenge begin: Scene 1 Amany like David attempts to take on the Goliath of poor, preexisting design flaws. An unremitting challenge to be sure. But, think again.

Spoiler alert: Amany Hanna overcomes the traditional kitchen fallacy, and prevails in bright and shining, sunlit glory. So long gaudy trims of this kitchen's past.

Since the parameters for this project were quite clear--- create more light and effect an open, inviting space--- Amany's first task was to redesign the windows. While the kitchen remained in the same place from its original conception, it's windows experienced an augmented reality of sorts. DDB Designer Amany opted to stay true to the houses colonial integrity, but enlarged and added windows in the same style to the kitchen. The addition of window accents, i.e. smaller panes above the main kitchen windows, offers additional light, and also accentuates the rooms high ceilings. This small addition offers much more than it's apparent stature. Both light and space reveal themselves through the underrated window accent.

In line with the windows, Amany's choice in "light-ly" finished cabinets from Holiday Kitchens cabinetry provides the space with light-bearing results. The shaker style cabinetry provide a minimalist feel with a traditional edge. The white finish compliments this subtle use of detail so as to work with the space rather than overtake it.

Additionally, creating a larger sliding-glass door offers an added floor to ceiling effect; thus, a consistent glow of natural light washes over the new, improved space. Just to ensure no stone goes un-turned.

Keeping with the light, traditional linear subway tiles came into the back splash design. The gloss from these revered, little porcelain details act as reflectors from the newfound sun. Rays dance at the surface of their face, and glisten in an overall shining effect. Now, let there be light!

The finished product culminates in both style and space. While the traditional notions of "traditional" kitchens are upheld, DDB's Amany manages to construct a space that hovers closer to a new way of thinking more than anything. Modern appliances from Wolf and Miele provide ease of use + timeless style in their design. Yet, the Houzer farm sink and it's complimenting Blanco faucet beckons allusions of a more "simple" time. However, Stainless steel finishes for the kitchen sink and faucet offer the gleam of au courant contrary to the farm sink's "rustic" upbringing.

Amany's use of modern outlets for the traditional kitchen maintain minimalist lines. The installation of under cabinet lighting from Task Lighting is modern in nature, but ultimately lends itself to saving any space from the unwanted bulk of a typical wall outlet. Even the smallest details from this kitchen rehab provide additional wefts of open, seamless design.

And, in one last nod to design aspirations realized, Amany's kitchen island juxtaposes the traditional, sturdy aspects of the traditional style through the island's legs. But it is with the delicate, whimsical characteristics found on the island counter top from Cambria's Brittanica Quartz, that counter intuitive genius plays out. The island lands in this kitchen as a brilliant symbol for the space's conceptualization, to it's manifested purpose.

~Madison Silvers