Boston Charlestown Flagship Wharf Contemporary Modern Leicht Kitchen

A Flagship Wharf kitchen remodel now shines like a silver beacon

Venture over the bridge and into one of Boston's most up and coming neighborhoods: Charlestown. The notorious township boasts a legacy shrouded in US industrialization. Now, in 2017, we see Charlestown's history most clearly through its architecture --- an homage in brick, a testament to adaptation. While the S.1989 Flagship Wharf Condominiums is not exactly indicative of Charlestown's "authentic", architectural identity, its foundation lies directly on top of the city's old naval shipyard. And in this, we discover what arrives at a conjoining of the old and new.


For this project, Samantha DeMarco --- Senior designer under the Divine Design + Build namesake partook in the ultimate collaboration. The designer worked with Khalil Farhat, principal designer, and founder, of Nuance Residential Design. When brilliant designerly minds put their heads together the results are unfounded in anything we see before. Alas, modern kitchen renovation was done so right. Two major design choices parlay the overarching success of this kitchen from an aesthetic point-of-view. Samantha's seamless integration of Leicht kitchen cabinetry and the use of gray effect a warmth not usually associated with the chosen color scheme. The assimilation of taupes and dark, brown woods coordinate within this tonal gray's affections.

Samantha, Khalil, and their client were all interested in following contemporary design themes throughout the kitchen. The conception of clean, flowing lines and airiness throughout the space manifests in Leicht's trademark grip rail handles. The nearly hidden cabinet handles are innovative in design, but also lighten the appearance of the room; whereas pulls and handle accessories in any space tend to weigh down space.

The cabinets, like the grip rails attached to them, are unique in themselves. The wall cabinets above the kitchen sink are made of high-gloss lacquer. But, their most impressive feature lies within the engineering of this module. The beforementioned wall cabinets are part of Leicht's Flip-Up series and are affixed with an electrical mechanism. This electrical mechanism automates the rise and fall when opening or closing the wall unit.

Subsequently, the remaining built-in cabinets are a wood laminate, in an oak smoke finish from Leicht, with the integration of an appliance garage.

~Madison Silvers