Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

May 28th, 2016 | Kitchens

There are a few things that are paramount to the success of a small kitchen space, like a smart layout, proper workflow, and clever design elements that make the space appear open and airy. But perhaps the most important aspect to a well-designed small kitchen is creating a maximum amount of storage space withing a minimal footprint. If you’re currently faced with the task of designing a tiny kitchen, here are a few small kitchen storage ideas that’ll help you get started.

Make the most of drawer space. If you’ve ever opened a cabinet full of pots and pans only to have everything come tumbling out, you know that storing large and oddly shapes utensils and appliances within a fixed rectangular box can be a challenge to say the least. Make it easier by designing drawers with your appliances, dishware, and utensils in mind. High-end cabinetry lines like Leicht can customize drawer inserts to your needs.

smart small space kitchen design

kitchen storage ideas

Use Vertical Space. To truly get the most from a small kitchen, it pays to bring your cabinetry to ceiling height. Forgo standard height cabinets for custom versions that sit flush to the ceiling and make us of every square inch. Additionally, small kitchen spaces also make great candidates for non-traditional, vertically oriented storage solutions like hanging pot racks or appliance garages, the latter which can be especially practical for things like coffee makers and stand mixers.

kitchen appliance garage-leicht

Get Creative. Small spaces often require out of the box solutions in order to function at 100 percent. Here, the homeowner had space for a deep pantry, but were concerned about accessing the items on the back of the shelves. The solution was to create swing out shelves to allow easy access to everything in the closet.

small space design ideas

small space kitchen ideas

Do you have a small kitchen in need of a makeover? Small space design is one of  our specialties. Get in touch with Divine Design Build for a complimentary consultation about your kitchen design, or stop by one of our showrooms in Wellesley or Boston to experience the possibilities for yourself.

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