Vendor Spotlight: Jay Rambo Company

May 16th, 2016 | Bedrooms, Closet Design

One of the things that makes Divine Design & Build different is the unique, exemplary manufacturers and brands we work with. We take care to select every vendor we work with only after ensuring they offer beautiful, quality design that will withstand both your taste and your needs for decades to come. So, we wanted to highlight some of the wonderful manufacturers we work with to provide a little more insight into what makes them so great, and why you might consider their products for your home.

If nothing makes you happier than a beautiful, easily maintained, well-organized space, then you’re going to love the subject of our next vendor spotlight, Jay Rambo Company. The custom-made cabinetry company fuses form and function in a way that few other closet designers on the market can.

For one, everything is of the highest quality. The company has been hand making all of its products since the 1950s. Besides expert craftsmanship, the materials are also top of the line: all closet systems are constructed from one of ten different hardwood species.

They’re also experts in customization. With 46 door styles, more than 90 finishes, and seven different construction methods, the company is able to bring to fruition almost any closet design you (or we!) could dream up. We use Jay Rambo because they’ll ensure our clients closets are tailored to their space, style, and function.

Check out some of the photos of the company’s work, below, and get in touch with Divine Design Build for help designing the master suite and closet of your dreams!

JAy Rambo Closets 1 Jay Rambo closets 2 Jay rambo closets 3 Jay rambo closets 4 Jay rambo closets 5

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