International Influence: 3 Regions that are Inspiring Major Decorating Trends

August 21st, 2015 | Kitchens

Searching for ideas for your home decor? Why not take a cue from top designers and furniture makers and look abroad? International cultures, motifs, and textiles have long been a source of inspiration for home decor, and can provide an incredible amount of unique inspiration that could be exactly what your design needs.

So where to begin on a global search for inspiration? Right now, there are three major regional decorating trends permeating the design world that are the perfect places to start.

1. Chinoiserie.
Chinoiserie literally means “a style reflecting Chinese qualities or motifs,” and you’ve probably noticed it on design blogs and Pinterest for the past year or so. From blue-and-white Chinese porcelain, to dragon patterned wallpaper, and porcelain Foo-Dogs, there are a ton of ways to incorporate this look at home. For the best results, mixed Chinoiserie style with traditional or bright, preppy decor.

Chinoiserie decor trend - Laurel bernin interiors

How beautiful is this sunroom, inspired by blue-and-white Chinese porcelain? Image via Laurel Bernin Interiors

decorating trend - Dog Ate My

Another take on blue-and-white, this time in a kitchen. Image via Dog Ate My…

chinoiserie decorating trend - Laura tutun interiors

A neutral take on the trend by Laura Tutun Interiors

2. Moroccan-Inspired.
Everything from the country’s distinct architecture to the souks of Marrakech have been tapped for inspiration in the design world lately. You’ve probably noticed an abundance of leather floor poufs, Moravian star pendants, carved tea tables, and rich colored fabrics in stores these days, all of which are inspired by Morocco. 

Image via Royal Design Studio

A glam, neutral Moroccan bedroom. Image via Royal Design Studio

Moroccan poufs and traditional furniture create and eclectic living space. Image via Bohemian Treehouse

Moroccan poufs and traditional furniture create and eclectic living space. Image via Bohemian Treehouse

Moroccan Decorating Trend - Image via From Moon to Moon

Rich colors, warm wood tones, and brass accents evoke Marrakech. Image via From Moon to Moon

3. The Tropics
Island-influenced style, from lacquered bamboo furniture to pineapple and banana-leaf prints, and rattan everything has been everywhere in interior design this year. To keep the look from becoming too theme-y, stick to one or two motifs, a tight color palette of three or four hues (max), and mix in the tropical look with clean, simple styles.

tropical decor - AD

Banana leaf print pops against dark walls. Image via

tropical decor - Sarah M Dorsey Designs

A pair of oversized prints and a bamboo chair offer a subtle take on the look. Image via Sarah M Dorsey Designs

tropical decor -sarah sarna

Wood tones, a grasscloth rug, and coastal elements create a refined, traditional look. Image via Sarah Sarna

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