How to Find Inspiration for a New Home Construction

July 13th, 2016 | Kitchens

Building a home from the ground up is the ultimate dream. Every aspect of your home is under your control, from the exterior facade, to the number of bathrooms, to the paint color on the walls and the finishes on the drawer pulls. Of course, carte blanche also comes with its own set of challenges: namely, how do you decide on the elements of your dream home when your options are essentially limitless? We like to help our clients narrow down their options by doing the following, all of which will help you gather inspiration for a new home construction.

modern kitchen design - newton ma

Is your neighborhood full of Victorians? Use this as a jumping off point for your build.

  1. Consider the neighborhood. One of the easiest ways to immediately narrow down the architecture of your home is to look around. While you shouldn’t be forced to re-build the same style home as your next-door neighbor or simply re-build you home in the exact footprint of the tear down that stood there originally, paying attention to the architecture in your neighborhood has its advantages. The biggest: should you ever decide to sell your home, it’ll attract far more buyers if it looks like it fits on the street instead of standing out like a sore thumb.
  2. Find spaces you love. Whether you take to Pinterest, save your favorite photos on Houzz, or do things the old-fashioned way and collect magazine cutouts, gathering images of places you love will help you narrow down a theme in your taste.

    Charlestown boston kitchen design

    Love the brick look of a brownstone? Consider building a Federalist-style home with a red-brick facade.

  3. Revisit your best memories. We all have “happy places” we can’t spend enough time in. Consider what makes that country coffee shop, soothing vacation rental, or urban hotel so appealing, and try to incorporate those elements into your design. Distilling down an atmosphere into things like color (is it bright and energetic? Neutral and soothing?), space (are the ceilings high? Is it small and cozy), and material (are there lots of natural textures? Are the finishes sleek and modern?) will help you recreate the same vibe.
  4. Keep the house cohesive. Instead of choosing one tile for the kitchen backsplash, one for the bathroom floors, another for the mudroom floors, and still another for the shower stall, choose one of two tiles and use them throughout the home. Different patterns and sizes can keep things interesting without the need to go back to the drawing board when it comes time to design each new space. The same principal can be applied to flooring, cabinet finishes, light fixtures, paint colors and more.

    Kitchen hardware trends 2016 - brass

    Stop by our showroom to see our design portfolio!

Another great way to find inspiration for your new home? Visit a design build showroom! At Divine Design Build, we have dozens of product swatches, samples and catalogues, hundreds of portfolio images, full-size kitchen and bathroom models, and decades worth of experience to help you create and design the home of your dreams.

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