How to Increase Kitchen Storage Without a Pantry

November 9th, 2016 | Kitchens

Having a pantry is one of the greatest luxuries in kitchen design, with the potential to double (or even triple!) the storage capacity of the room. But, for small-space dwellers or those who live in historic homes, pantries are often just a pipe-dream. If you need more storage space but don’t have room for a dedicated pantry, here are a few ways to increase kitchen storage without one.

Get organized.

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It’s easy to waste the cabinet and drawer space you do have–most people can think of that drawer in their kitchen that’s occupied by a single stock pot, or the cabinet that’s too shallow for the dinner plates. The key to maximizing storage in the kitchen is to make it a space designed for organization. Installing more shelves in each cabinet, tailoring drawer heights for different appliances and cookware, and creating custom-designed organizers for things like spices, glassware, and utensils can make even the smallest kitchens more  functional. We work with our customers  to create drawers and cabinets that are tailor-designed for their cookware and cutlery, so that each and every item has a home and is stored efficiently.

Create a slide-out pantry.

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Just because you don’t have an extra closet handy doesn’t mean you can’t create a pantry. One of our favorite storage solutions is turning a cabinet space into pantry with the addition of slide-out drawers, which allow you to make use of the entire  depth of your cabinets.

Design an Appliance Garage.

Appliances like toasters, stand mixers, and coffee makers are often the most cumbersome kitchen items to store given their bulk and awkward shape. An appliance garage, which is essentially a tall and narrow cabinet specifically designed to house these tools frees up room in your cabinets for other items.

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