How to Add Color to a Neutral Kitchen

May 25th, 2016 | Kitchens

No matter what the current trends are, the overwhelming color scheme for kitchen design is almost always neutral. Exact shades, materials, and finishes wane in and out of style, but for the most part, homeowners prefer to invest in wood grain or painted cabinetry in timeless shades that they won’t get sick of or will quickly fade out of fashion. After all, a kitchen redesign isn’t a quick update like swapping out throw pillows or furniture.

So how, then, can you change up the look of the blank slate that is your all white or wood-tone kitchen? Here are a few ways to add color to a neutral kitchen.

Textiles like window treatments, hanging potholders, and area rugs are a great way to incorporate color because they’re relatively inexpensive, and are easy to change out as trends, seasons, or your personal preferences change.
Add color to the kitchen

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Small Appliances & Kitchen Tools
Consider any appliance or tool (think teapot, enameled stoneware) that you leave out on your countertop to be an accessory. Choose them as much for their aesthetic purposed as their functional ones, and they can become a welcome bright spot in the kitchen.

Add color to neutral kitchen 1

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In an open-concept space, use furniture to bring in a dose of color. Even one bold move, like the red chair in the gray and white home, below, can make a world of difference in the energy and visual interest of a room. 
add color to a neutral kitchen-1

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Countertop Decor
Like your small appliances, use a discerning eye when you choose the items that you accessorize your countertop with. A vase full of ripened peaches and a few potted plants like in the photo below might be all the color your space needs. 
Add color to neutral kitchen - modern kitchen design

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An Accent Wall
Compared to things like cabinets, countertops and appliances, paint color is very easy to change up. For an even simpler approach, designate one wall in the kitchen you accent wall, like the blue one seen here, and change out the color whenever new inspiration strikes. 
Accent wall in kitchen

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