Green Design

For those keen on designing with environmental consciousness, we offer a unique expertise in green design. Divine is the only design+build firm in Massachusetts with a totally green live kitchen studio. Our green initiatives include…



Cabinets made of sustainable raw materials including fast-growth poplar and bamboo. Our vendors use recycled materials and manufacturing processes that maximize material yield, as well as recycle waste wood and finish with stains and paints that contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC) and no added formaldehyde.


We continually explore new options for countertops, including IceStone and Squak Mountain Stone, which are materials produced from 100% recycled glass, concrete and paper. These and other materials are completely non-toxic and free of any petroleum-derived materials. Innovations like these earned Divine a 2008 and 2009 Boston Home honor as the best resource for countertops.


Gaggenau, a European company, manufactures all the appliances in our green kitchen studio. Gaggenau is devoted to innovative technology and materials designed to reduce energy consumption and promote healthy cooking. Divine is the newest Gaggenau Studio Partner in Massachusetts and the only place to see these incredible appliances in Massachusetts. The featured cooking innovations include the induction cooktop, steam oven and more.


Owner Mariette Barsoum always begins each project with a focus on natural light. When darkness falls, she utilizes LED lighting, which offers a very positive return on investment, saving $17 in electricity per year, per recessed fixture. We also install dimmers on all lighting to save on energy and offer greater range of ambiance.


Divine also recommends new low VOC paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. These paints really help families who are dealing with asthma, allergies and other environmental illnesses. For the rest of us, they are just plain healthier!

Recycling Old Materials

In addition to product selections offering a range of environmentally friendly materials, we encourage our clients to donate their used kitchen cabinets and appliances to reduce the impact of these large-scale items on landfills.  We donate as much as we can to a number of charities that provide building material to low- and moderate-income families and non-profit organizations, who can shop for construction materials at deeply discounted prices.  Proactive recycling organizations offer an alternative to lessen the impact of your used materials on the environment, while helping people in the process.  Usually, they will even pick up donations. Donations are tax deductible.