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Our best customer is an educated consumer, and so Divine offers monthly seminars, at no charge and with absolutely no obligation.

We will teach you about the full range of services, products and choices to be considered before any remodeling work begins on your home. We will walk you through the process, explaining costs and timelines, so you can establish realistic expectations and budgeting.

All you have to do is sign up. Our seminars are group classes conducted by our lead designer and company principal, Mariette Barsoum. Click here for additional information.

A design+build firm is a full-service company that provides you with a turn-key process. We offer creative interior design services, and we provide the construction services for all building and installation work. We will design and then build your project – from beginning to end – saving you time, stress, and an average of 14 to 18% in cost.  A key advantage of Design+Build is the ability for you to make tradeoffs before the project starts. As the customer, you are always in control of the budget.

Our lead carpenters are our full-time employees, not subcontractors. They are never over-extended, and have only one project to manage at a time – yours.

Homeowners who want accountability and continuity benefit greatly from this combination of services. You will never wonder who is responsible for any aspect of your project. You will never be required to find a part or service for yourself.

We are experts in whole-home remodeling. From mudrooms to complete additions, our expert team of designers and builders are ready to tackle your next project. While we specialize in design+build projects for luxury kitchens and baths, our designers are skilled at bringing together living spaces that complement one another and that create continuity throughout your home.

Many customers wonder what kind of payback they should expect on a typical kitchen or bathroom project. Remodeling magazine compiles this information annually per region in their Cost vs. Value Report.  Take a look at the Boston area here. In the 2014 report, homeowners recouped more than 87% of the cost for major kitchen remodeling and 74% for bathroom remodeling.

At Divine, we develop a Personal Cost Analysis System for our clients to help them understand all the possible options and combinations of choices that will make their dream renovation a reality.

To determine what your budget should be will depend on many factors. How big is your kitchen or bath? How much cabinetry will be required? What type of countertops, appliances, and cabinets are you looking for? Labor costs will also have an impact on the overall cost.

During our initial meeting in the showroom, our lead designer and company principal, Mariette Barsoum, will ask you all of these questions and help you determine whether your budget is realistic for the scope of work you intend to do.

This system is based on three elements:

  1. Determining your goals, needs and desires for remodeling your home.
  2. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of choosing various design options and materials, and about how those choices will impact your investment level.
  3. Finalizing a design that will fit your needs and goals while accommodating your budget.

We will help you analyze the cost of your remodeling project by projecting the desired designs and materials (in a variety of price points), against your actual budget to make the best possible combination of choices for your new space.

We are a full-service design+build firm specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, and whole-house renovations.  If you can dream it, we can build it! Here’s how:

Our design team, under the direct leadership of Mariette Barsoum, will work closely with you from the very first stages of consultation and initial sketches, to the fully finished installation. We control and coordinate the process from beginning to end to ensure accuracy, and to create a stress-free experience for you.

  • We work with you to create an exciting new design for your space.
  • We then order and track your materials, and then manage every aspect of the construction to keep your project moving all the way through to completion.
  • We employ our own licensed and insured carpenters and installers so that we can guarantee they will never be over-extended or committed to jobs other than yours.

The Divine team has completed custom kitchens, bathrooms and whole-home remodeling projects throughout Massachusetts, from Cape Cod to the Berkshires, we well as in New York City and other New England locations.

We primarily serve Boston, Cambridge, Winchester, and the Metro West including: Wellesley, Weston, Dover, Sherborn, Lincoln, Newton, Chestnut Hill, Natick, Needham, Westwood, Wayland, Brookline, Lexington.

We look forward to your visit to our Wellesley showroom!

The first step is to carefully consider the reasons for remodeling your kitchen or bath, and what kind of financial investment you are able to make. By determining these important factors ahead of time, we will be better able to meet all of your goals.

Consider attending one of our free monthly seminars to learn about the process in detail.  We will educate you about the many ways you can undertake an exciting new remodeling project that will make you feel like you are in a new home. Our monthly classes are offered to teach consumers what they need to know before they make key decisions. Our best customer is an educated consumer!

It is never too early to start. The overall process can take between 9-27 weeks or longer, depending on many factors. So, if you have a time frame that you need to work within, you should give yourself as much time as possible to get the project done.

Look through design and kitchen magazines and collect all the pictures that appeal to you. Keep them in a folder, so we can review them together. This will help us develop a clear idea of your personal design style.

Make an appointment to meet with Mariette in our showroom for a consultation. Once you do this you will be well on your way to a beautiful new kitchen.

The single most important decision you will make in the remodel process is the selection of a reputable design firm. The right design firm is critical to a smooth remodeling project that will result in a beautiful, functional design for years to come.

Ask yourself the following questions: 
“Can I work with this designer for the next few months?” 
“Will s/he return my calls promptly – even on a Sunday afternoon?” 
“Can I trust him/her with my kitchen?”

Do your homework:

  • Look at the firm’s portfolio.
  • Check multiple references. Look at completed projects.
  • Go with your gut!

Signs of a reputable company:

  • staff members who listen to your needs,
  • designers who will work within your budget,
  • designers who will provide you with multiple designs and cost options, and
  • firm, fixed pricing.

Customer service begins with accountability. Designer Mariette Barsoum will personally oversee and participate in all phases of development and construction.  Whether you’re dream is to renovate your kitchen, bathroom or another room in your home, Mariette will expertly assist you from the start to a beautifully-finished project.

Close attention to detail is a hallmark of our service. Mariette meets with clients to develop initial concepts, choose cabinet lines, doors and colors, and to arrive at a finished design objective.

We believe this level of attention to detail is what gives our clients the piece of mind they deserve, and the confidence to know that their gorgeous new cabinets, counters, hardware and appliances are going to fit like a glove.

Mariette was awarded the designation of Certified Kitchen Designer®, or CKD by the National Kitchen and Bath Association and dedicates all of her time designing kitchens, bathrooms and other home renovation spaces.


Our first job is to help you arrive at a budget that will accomplish your goals. At Divine, we have done award-winning work even on small baths and modest remodel projects.

Our Personal Cost Analysis will show you the “good, better, best” materials and pricing options within the scope of your project. This analytic planning allows you to select a combination of price points that will make your new kitchen, bath or living space a reality.

We carry a wide range of products and offer semi-custom and full-custom cabinet lines that fit most budgets. We also have design plans that accommodate more modest room sizes to help you complete renovations to your home no matter the size of the space.

Developing a comprehensive design plan with a professional designer will ensure that you are able to complete the full scope of work your vision requires.

There are two main factors that play a role in how long it will take to complete your kitchen:

  1. The time required for you to make decisions, and
  2. Material lead times.

Here is a general break down of approximate time frames:

  • Designing the space may take anywhere from 2-10 weeks
  • Installation requires 1-2 weeks
  • Counter tops and backsplash installations may take 1-2 weeks

The final length of time from design through completion may be between 9-27 weeks. Much of that time is devoted to the planning and design process, but is also largely impacted by the availability of custom pieces, like cabinets, or special order finishes.

We have a passion for innovative design that is matched by our commitment to excellence. We guarantee careful attention to detail and very personalized service.

Divine has received regional and national recognition, won many awards for its outstanding work, and appeared in numerous publications.

We offer the finest quality custom cabinetry and a broad array of unique products to produce truly personalized spaces.

Every member of our team is an experienced professional in their field and our lead carpenters and designers are employed by Divine – they are not subcontractors.  Every one of our team members abides by a strict code of ethics.

Professional achievement doesn’t stop professional development at Divine. We encourage all our employees to continue their education through industry courses, seminars, designations and licensing requirements.

Owner and designer Mariette Barsoum has been in business for 15 years. Her educational focus was Interior Design and she has earned a Certified Kitchen Designer® designation through the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

All of our on-staff designers also hold degrees in Interior Design.

All of our contractors and installers are licensed, insured, and the best in their field with decades of professional experience. Our Lead Carpenters are certified by the state of Massachusetts as Licensed Construction Supervisors. Some are Certified SEN Design Group Project Managers.

The environmental impact of our design and constructions projects is very important to us.  As a result we often build to LEED specifications, ensuring that we’ve designed responsibly (Green Design) and that our client’s homes are energy efficient.

Because we are a design+build firm dedicated to making projects stress-free for our clients, we work very closely with our own contractors and installers, scheduling all the subcontractor work that needs to be done. By using our services, you have a contract with us, so we take full responsibility for the work from start to finish. If you would prefer to use your own contractor, we’d be happy to discuss it with you and see if it’s your best option.

We carry a very extensive list of high quality products that we stand behind. This is a partial list of the products we carry.

Absolutely. A major renovation to your home is a significant investment deserving careful research and a thorough investigation of work quality and customer satisfaction.

Never agree to a remodeling contract without checking multiple references and seeing work samples. We are always happy to provide them.

Many of our former clients have expressed enthusiasm about recommending us. We also have written letters of recommendation that we are proud to show to perspective clients.  See a sample of what our customers have to say about Divine.

Your initial consultation with us at our showroom is free. This is our opportunity to listen to your ideas about the perfect kitchen or bath for your home. We encourage you to bring rough measurements, pictures of the current space and clippings from magazines.

The first charge for our services is a measure fee, which is required when you schedule an appointment with Mariette to visit your home. She will measure the space and ask you about your preferences for both function and design. She will then prepare a Personal Cost Analysis proposal of multiple preliminary designs and pricing for your review. The one-time design fee begins at $750 depending on the location of the project and the complexity of the design.  The rest of the schedule of fees will be outlined in your contract documents.

All prices include the material, labor (if applicable), shipping, delivery and applicable taxes.  We always provide firm, fixed pricing. The contract amount will never change unless you expand the scope of the project (e.g. replace a window) or if unforeseen pre-existing damage (e.g. water damage from a leaky pipe) is uncovered during the renovation.

Many competitors give you an estimate, e.g. “it will be around $35,000.” The problem with this approach is that it is just an estimate. It is not uncommon that, by the time you are done, you have actually spent two or even three times the original amount.

At Divine, we choose to work differently. We know our customers do not like surprises, and we don’t either. We never provide estimates. We only provide proposals. A proposal is a detailed design with all the materials selected and a corresponding exact price, down to the penny. We also know that our customers like options so you are able to make a educated choices of what ultimately works best for you. Our Personal Cost Analysis provides multiple options, each with a detailed design, material selection and an exact price.