What Brands Make Modern Kitchen Appliances?

September 15th, 2016 | Kitchens

When you’re designing a modern kitchen, not just any old appliances will do. To maintain a sleek, contemporary feel, you’ll need appliances that have the same sleek appeal as the rest of your space. If you’re looking for modern kitchen appliances, here are some of the best brands that make them.

Miele German Appliances.

boston miele appliances

Miele has had a long time to perfect the look of its appliances. The Germany-based brand has been around since 1899. The company is as well-known for it’s high-quality ranges, cooktops, refrigerators and range hoods as  it is for their design. Miele has received multiple design awards from iF, reddot, Focus Open, the Australian International Design Awards, The Universal Design Awards, and more. Finally, the company offers a wide selection of custom trim kits and cabinetry that ensure your appliances help you achieve the kitchen look you’re after.

Gaggenau Appliances.

gaggenau coffee maker

Gaggenau is another German company with deep roots in the appliance industry. The brand’s four principles demand each appliance be “authentic, sculptural, expressive and generous,” and they are certainly all of the above. Gaggenau’s professional-grade line of ranges, steam ovens, and cooktops are beloved by chefs and homeowners around the world for their consistency, efficiency, and ease of use. Gaggenau appliances also work well in contemporary spaces because they’re minimally adorned and very linear, giving them a sleek look. The company also manufactures refrigerators, vent hoods, and dishwashers.

Bosch Appliances.


Yet another German company with more than 125 year of research and development behind it (what can we say, the Germans are on the cutting edge of design!), Bosch offers perhaps the largest number of options for modern kitchen appliances, from wall-mounted ovens and built-in refrigerators, to drawer-warmers and custom-panel dishwashers. They also offer specialty options like ADA dishwashers, small-space/compact appliances, and coffee and espresso systems. Bosch Appliances also offer a clean-lined, high-tech appearance that works wells in contemporary kitchen design.

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