Your Quick Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

There are hundreds of decisions to make when renovating or building a kitchen. From cabinet color, to countertop material, to style and size of the appliances, and where to put the sink, kitchen design is an endless series of choices. But just because you're swept up in the big ticket items doesn't mean you should let the details slide: Like with any design project, when it comes to getting a picture perfect kitchen, the devil really is in the details. One of the details we consider to be most important -- so important in fact, that just switching them out can change the entire look of your kitchen--are drawer pulls and handles. From flat to polished, industrial to traditional, here's what you should consider before choosing kitchen cabinet hardware for your design.

Hardware styles:

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Bar pulls: Bar pulls are the most versatile hardware option as they come in a wide number of sizes and styles, and are suitable for both cabinets and drawers. From two-inch pulls to seven inch sizes, and from sleek, minimalist shapes, to pulls with ornate scrolled ends, you're certain to find a bar pull that's perfect for your space.

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Knobs: Singular knobs also offer plenty of style options, but are best for drawers, or cabinets on the narrower side. On larger cabinets, they can start to look unsubstantial.

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Cup Pulls: Save cup pulls for drawers. They make a beautiful choice for industrial or farmhouse-style kitchens, especially those heavy on drawer space.

Hardware finishes:

Polished nickel or chrome. These high-shine silver-tone finishes scream sleek and modern, and are a perfect pairing with contemporary spaces, all white kitchens, or lacquered cabinetry.

Brushed nickel. A slightly more subdued look, brushed nickel works well in traditional or transitional kitchen designs, and pairs especially well with espresso or pale oak-colored cabinetry.

Brass. As of last year, brass and gold-tone hardware is a major trend. It's an of-the-moment look that instantly adds a sense of old-world glamour to a space. Brass hardware makes a beautiful contrast to gray or navy cabinetry, or a classic black-and-white kitchen.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze. Oil-rubbed bronze hardware is a lovely addition to a rustic or traditional kitchen. It plays well with natural wood tones, stone-colored granite, and bucolic details like a farmhouse sink or beadboard backsplash.

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