What to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Home Remodel

Remodeling your home is a big project, and one that shouldn't be entered into without knowing exactly what you want and need, and the lengths (and savings) you're willing to go through to get it. If you're considering remodeling or putting an addition on your current home, or renovating a new one, here are a few questions you'll want to answer first. bathroom during

  1. What do I need? The first step is to determine what your needs are from your renovation. Is it simply more space? A bathroom that isn't prone to mold? An open concept home that allows you to watch your kids and make dinner at the same time? All of the above? Determining what you want the end results of your project to be will help you start to consider the details of your project and communicate your priorities properly to your design build team.
  2. What's my style? After your needs come your wants--the choices that make your renovation or addition something that reflects your taste and personality. If you aren't sure whether your style is traditional, rustic, modern, country, etc., you'll want to do some narrowing down before you begin a renovation. Spend some time browsing sites like Houzz and Pinterest, and save any images that speak to you. After a few weeks, you should start to see a pattern emerge.
  3. What can I afford? Budget is often the biggest factor in determining the scope of your renovation project. Put together a budget you are comfortable with early on and factor in an additional 10 percent for unexpected costs. This will immediately help you narrow down your decisions about your project, from the size of the addition, to the material you can use, to the team you'll hire.
  4. How will I handle the renovation? This question is especially important to consider before embarking on a home remodel. Remodeling a home you already live in can be an invasive process in that you'll have a barrage of contractors, designers, plumbers, delivery people, etc. in your home for weeks or months on end. Plus, you'll be living in a construction zone. If this isn't something you're comfortable with, or if it's not feasible to take your family of five out to a restaurant every night for a month while your kitchen is being gutted, you'll want to consider alternate living situations for the time being (and how those will affect your budget for the project).

Home remodeling is a worthwhile, fulfilling process, but going into it with a clear picture of what you want to get out of it, and how you'll handle the associated costs and changes to your routine will ensure the process goes as smoothly and successfully as possible.