The Best Attributes For Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a great addition to most kitchens as they instantly offer added storage, seating and style. If you've made up your mind that you want to incorporate an island of some sort, the next step is figuring out what kind of island you want. We broke down some of the hottest trends in kitchen islands right now & hope they give you some inspiration and insight into what island configuration is perfect for you.

Double Island

Double isn't always trouble; two islands in a kitchen is a great twist on the traditional island in the middle of your cooking space. Below we incorporated a middle island with ample storage, and also created another island that softly separated the living room from the kitchen. Both spaces offer cooking, prepping, storage and more for the home-owner, and gave the home a wonderful open-concept layout from room to room.

Depending on your needs & what you are drawn to for design, you can go a few different directions if this is a layout you like. If you can knock out a wall between your kitchen and an adjacent room--a second island might be the perfect way to create separate yet merged feel between rooms.

Kitchen Island

Surface Options

The surface of your kitchen island is very much dependent on your cooking, seating & style needs. You can have the counters match your kitchen countertops for a seamless transition from counter to counter. Combining texture and colors can also be a great way to add a twist of design into your kitchen. Pair a wooden topped island with your granite countertops, or perhaps combining variations in color of the same stone are great options to add a unique touch to the space.

Honed vs. Polished Marble

A honed finish is where the marble is dulled to take off all the shiny polish on the surface of the stone--this gives a soft look that many homeowners like. Etches show quite less on a honed surface than a polished surface, which is a big positive in working space.

Below is an example of honed marble against a light gray base. It compliments the wood floors & light kitchen countertops beautifully!

Kitchen Island

Multiple Surfaces

This kitchen island has multiple roles in the kitchen and the surfaces play a critical piece of this. A heavy duty wood chopping block cozies up to a granite countertop, perfect for prepping, visiting & entertaining.

This is also a great option if you have multiple cooks in your family! Prep space is opened up, and multiple dishes can be prepped and cooked at the same time.

Kitchen Island

 Integrated Seating

A simple but clever combo is combining your seating and kitchen prep area into one highly functional & evolving space. This is a great space saving technique & a way to bring your family together from meal preparation to sitting down & eating the meal together. Below, the wall of the island acts as the backseat of the built in bench; it gives flexibility in what chairs you want to use in the space, and even gives you the option to switch out the table as taste or even seasons change.

Another way to add seating to your kitchen island is with bar stools, and having the counter top of the island be the ledge for the chairs. This acts as a less formal dining space, but is also ideal for casual dining, visiting or having coffee with friends.

Kitchen Island















Island Shape & Functionality

Adding a prep sink or a cook top to your island is a great way to break up the space & give dimension to your cooking area. Below, a cook-top was centrally added with ample counter space surrounding it & an added seating nook attached as well. This type of layout creates an inviting and user friendly space that is bound to help strike up conversations and good food.

The shape of your kitchen island is also an important factor to consider--how do you see an island fitting into your kitchen? Does a mobile island interest you? Or perhaps a fun shaped island, with lots of storage?

If space is an issue, opt out of a counter with overhang, and go for a narrower set-up that won't congest your prep area. Perhaps a small island is just what you need--we have installed 3"x4" islands that give just that extra amount of storage and space the homeowner is looking for.

A kitchen island is a great way to anchor your cooking space together, create boundaries between open rooms & add much needed storage--now it's up to to you to pick what style works best for you!

Kitchen Island