Stunning Staircase Design Ideas

There's a good chance that, if you're renovating your home, your staircase isn't exactly the place you start first. Instead, it's more likely to take a backseat to rooms like the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the master bedroom. But, though a staircase might not be as exciting to design as a brand new kitchen space, it also shouldn't be overlooked--a stairway can be just as crucial in giving your home the look you want. For one, staircases are often located in prominent spots in the home -- rising up from a foyer or entryway, or winding through each and every floor of a brownstone. If your staircase doesn't fit with the style and quality of the rest of your home, it's nearly impossible to cover up. Staircases can also help give your home an architectural style that's more align with your dream home. If you live in a split level but have always dreamed of an open-concept home, removing the walls around your main staircase can help you achieve this look, for example.

If you're in the midst of renovating your home, our advice when it comes to the stairways is think beyond basic functionality and design, and instead create a feature that will become a style focal point in your home. Below, a few gorgeous staircase design ideas to get you thinking.

This home began as a raised ranch in the Metrowest Boston area, but the homeowners were hoping to give the dated style a grander look through a major home addition. Central to creating the show-stopping impact they were after: building a beautiful two-story staircase.

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The owners of this Boston brownstone wanted to achieve a more more modern look throughout their home, which included getting rid of the original wooden balustrade-style stairway and replacing it with this minimalist metal-and-glass version.

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This staircase, another example in a Boston brownstone, was originally oak, but refinished to match the new floors and more contemporary feel of the home.

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